he Friends of the Library book and bake sale was a great success

he Friends of the
Library book and
bake sale was a
great success
and we want to thank
each and everyone of you that
participated in this great fundraising event.
We are grateful to all of you and give our
heartfelt thanks. We were able to raise over
$3,000, the most we have
ever made on the sale.
The Friends of the
Library support so
many worthwhile
projects and endeavors
of the library including the Museum passes,
the rental DVD collection, equipment,
programs and events at the library. We will
soon be purchasing new chairs for the Marcy
room with the proceeds from the book sale.
We look forward to seeing everyone soon at
Friends of the Library sponsored events.
The Friends of the
Library sponsored
Cecile Grobe at the
Stoneham Public
Library on November
15th at 7 p.m. Pianist
and composer Cecile
Clement Grobe
received her formal
training at the Juilliard
School of Music,
where she was a
student of Lonny
Epstein, Mozart
specialist, and Carl
Friedberg, the last
surviving student of
Clara Schumann and
Johannes Brahms.
of the
Delvena Theatre
Company presented
Creepy Legends,
Curses and
Hauntings at the
library on October
4th. The Hauntings
included tales of
strange happenings
at the Witch
Dungeon in Salem,
and the curse of
Giles Corey, the
man that was
executed during the
Salem Witch Trials
by placing stones
and boards on his
chest. Corey cursed
the Sheriff and each
sheriff since has
died of a blood
disease. A creepy
time was had by all.
Author William Martin
spoke at the Library on
September 18th. Mr.
Martin is the author of 8
novels including
Harvard Yard, Back
Bay, and his latest novel
The Lost Constitution.
Mr. Martin mesmerized
the audience with
fascinating stories about his research for
Harvard Yard which depicts the humble
beginnings of Harvard
College through the
turbulent 1960’s. The
novel traces a fictional
Harvard educated family
through three centuries,
and the quest for a lost
Shakespeare play in the
possession of this family.
Mr. Martin’s latest novel
illustrates the chase for a
lost first draft of the American Constitution. In
both these novels, antiquarian Peter Fallon is
involved in the chase for the lost documents.
Mr. Martin brought American History to life
and his knowledge of history and research of
his subjects is noteworthy. Every one enjoyed
his talk and meeting the amiable author.
General Fiction
Binchy, Maeve.
Whitethorn Woods
New Fiction and
Coben, Harlan. The Woods
Chevalier, Tracy. Burning Bright
Fielding, Joy. Heartstopper
Marinick Richard. In for a Pound
Packer, Ann. Songs Without Words
Vreeland, Susan. Luncheon of the Boating
Albert, Susan Wittig. Tales of Hawthorn
Davidson, Diana Mott. Sweet Revenge
Evanovich, Janet. Plum Lovin’
Fairstein, Linda. Bad Blood
Parker, Robert. Spare Change.
Our newest nonfiction and fiction
titles have been
moved for greater
visibility. Where
the card catalog
once stood, new
bookshelves take its
place. This display
features our newest
fiction titles.
Additionally, the
new non-fiction
may be found at the
beginning of the
main room. Please
always ask a staff
member if you need
help in locating
what you need.
In December there are
many notable birthdays
– more than we can
print. Yet, a Library
Newsletter must
mention that of Melvil
Dewey, born on
December 10, 1851.
Mr. Dewey, an
American librarian, is
noted foremost for
establishing the Dewey
decimal system of
book classification. It
is the system used at
the SPL for locating
your book.
The Stoneham Public
Library is very happy
to host a photographic
display for its
December show. This
month’s artist is Ellen
Royalty, a librarian at
Middlesex Community
College. Please
include a stop by the
exhibit as part of your
library visit.
In his third book, Concord-based poet, Glenn
K. Currie, takes us back to the 1950’s for a
time-machine look at a different world. It is a
ride that reminds us, with humor, how much
life has changed for our children.
A Boy’s First Diary, published by Snap
Screen Press in April, 2007, is a collection of
poems, written by a ten-year-old boy that
tracks the chronological events that he deemed
important in one year of his life, in the early
1950’s. The events take place in Stoneham,
Massachusetts, but could have occurred
anywhere in 1950’s New England.
This event is free and open to the public.