For many people, cathedrals are shrouded in mystery and
mystique and they shouldn’t be. To promote the cathedral’s life
and mission, we are holding an open evening on Thursday
September 14th – an opportunity for people who do not know the
Cathedral to come in and get a “behind the scenes” view of life
behind the Great West Doors.
What really goes on? The Open Evening will showcase the
fabulous work of our education department; highlight the skills of
our bell ringers and our embroiderers; introduce the people who
make the Cathedral tick - the vergers, the welcomers, stewards
and the guides. There will be an update on what’s happening with
the fund raising campaign; how the Friends of Rochester Cathedral
operate; how the flower guild support us and what the gardeners
do; a behind the scenes look at our musicians and liturgy
department who will perform a short recital; what’s involved in
running the tea rooms; and most importantly, what mission and
visiting work is going on.
There will be lots for people to join in with and additional activities
for the children. Evensong is at 5.30pm and we are looking forward
to welcoming guests as they drop in from then, throughout the
evening up until 9pm. Please join us, free of charge, for a look at
your cathedral from a different angle.
Etching by Elizabeth Mallinson
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