Inconvenient Truth Essay

Inconvenient Truth Essay!
Remember to answer the following questions in a typed essay using the
information collected during the video.
What were Al Gore’s goals in making this movie? Briefly discuss several…i.e. to
explain, inspire, criticize, advocate…Is the information presented in an unbiased way?
Discuss the idea of interdependence as it is woven through this video. Give 5
specific examples from the video.
Did watching “An Inconvenient Truth” impact the way that you think about the
causes and effects of global warming? For example, are you likely to make any
changes in your life to help reduce the CO2 gas emissions that you are personally
responsible for?
Do you think “An Inconvenient Truth” was an effective documentary? Why or why
Was it worthwhile use of our time to watch this video? Explain your answer.
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