High Quality Reading Instruction for Tier I (RTI)

Teaching and Learning Cooperative
Title of Proposal: High Quality Reading Instruction for Tier I (RTI) Using Core Curriculum
TLC points requested: 10 points
Proposal Submission Date: October 1st, 2008
Proposal Description (2-3 sentences for publishing to prospective participants):
Stream line your reading instruction by implementing best-practices in reading instruction to
support RTI (tier I) using core curriculum materials, Houghton Mifflin. Deepen your
understanding of grouping practices to differentiate instruction.
Intended Audience or Participant list: Elementary teachers in grades two through five
Implementation Timeframe (Beginning and Ending Dates): January-May 2009
Proposal Facilitator: Kelly Caravelli & Monica Sturhann
Work Location: Rolling Hills
Phone: (858) 395-4952
Email: [email protected]
Location: Rolling Hills Elementary
[email protected]
District Goals to be Addressed:
PreK-12 Literacy (support for PreK-12 reading,
writing, or mathematics)
Proficiency for all students across all grade levels
and content areas, as measured by standardized
state measures (CAHSEE, CST)
Increased access to rigorous curriculum
Intended Professional Learning Outcomes:
Build a shared understanding of reading in grades 2-5 to ensure a quality literacy program at
Tier I
 Gain an understanding of the research-based resources available through HM
to meet the needs of all students
 Learn about and integrate high-quality instructional strategies for whole class & small
groups using evidence-based practices in the area of reading.
 Develop a professional community that collects, reflects, and shares best practices.
 Use data to design multiple and flexible groupings that will provide increased levels of
intensity to match the academic needs of the students.
 Implement strategies learned. Reflect on new learning & implementation outcomes/results
by focusing on three students who reflect a variety of academic levels in their classroom.
Revised October 1st, 2008
Professional Growth Activities – Acquisition of New Learning
As evidence of implementation, each participant is required to maintain a portfolio of documentation regarding
completion of her/his new learning, impact on student learning and reflection activities. This portfolio will be
reviewed by the facilitator at the end of the TLC. Examples of documentation: time logs, meeting notes, discussion
group notes, lesson plans, student work samples, journals, etc.
New learning and timeline:
Desired Outcomes:
2nd -5th grade teachers will build a professional community that deepens their
understanding of how to implement high quality scientifically-based instructional
strategies in the area of reading that support Tier I of RTI
Teachers will investigate best practices using the HM resources & scientifically-based
instructional reading strategies to maximize student achievement
Teachers will design effective and engaging lessons for whole class & differentiated
Teachers will reflect upon the implementation of their new learning in the classroom
Professional Growth Activities: Action Plan 10 point participant
4-three hour sessions 4-7 (Jan. 26th, Feb. 23rd, March 23rd, April 27th) (12 hours)
Research, design, & implement strategies for quality reading instruction based on
assessment results & standards (10 hours)
Read a minimum of four assigned selections, and reflecting on readings. (4 hours)
Final reflective summary of new learning, classroom implementations and changes in
classroom practices (2 hours)
Hours OUTSIDE the contract day: 28 hours
Classroom Implementation Activities
The impact of the newly acquired learning of TLC participants on student learning is critical to this section
Participants will implement & reflect on strategies presented. They will reflect on and
adjust instruction for targeted students at varied of levels in their classroom.
Activities may include but not limited to:
 Planning & delivering reading instruction based on new learning, core curriculum, readings
& collegial collaboration. A minimum of five lessons will be implemented and analyzed.
 Monitor three learners at a variety of academic levels as the lens for reflection and the
vehicle for collegial sharing.
 Implementation of differentiated strategies related to a variety of academic levels.
Hours INSIDE the contract day: 14 + hours
Revised October 1st, 2008
Reflection Activities
be completed by each individual:
Reading Reflections
Journaling of monthly meeting reflections
Final one page summary reflection of personal learning & impact on three students
monitored for TLC.
Budget Request
$500.00 for individual binders and Xeroxing costs of articles. Articles are from: RtI
Reading Essentials by Regie Routman book for each individual
Articles from Guided Reading by Fountas & Pinnell.
If you are the facilitator, will you need “facilitator hourly”?
Yes, hourly payment for Kelly Caravelli & Monica Sturhann
For a 10 point TLC, the paid facilitator hours cannot exceed 30 hours.
For a 20 point TLC, the paid facilitator hours cannot exceed 60 hours.
Revised October 1st, 2008
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