Program Description

UCAELI Intensive English PLUS Program
Proposal for Chang Gung University
Summer 2015 (July 11, 2015 to August 8, 2015)
UCAELI’s Mission:
Based at the University of Connecticut, a leading public university, UCAELI offers
exceptionally supportive and innovative English language programs and services. Our
mission is:
To provide our students with quality language instruction that enables the
achievement of their personal, academic and professional goals
To maximize our students’ access to UCONN’s educational, cultural and community
To assist our students in their transition to mainstream academic courses
To support university-wide needs for specialized English programs and services
To provide our students and community with opportunities for international
experiences and learning
Program Quality and Expertise:
UCAELI has been delivering quality English programs since 1990. Attention to quality and
detail are important trademarks of our operation. We recruit master level instructors who are
caring, dedicated professionals. Our staff is extremely professional and knowledgeable.
We have created customized programs for groups from Turkey, Korea, U.A.E., Chile, Brazil,
and Taiwan as well as on-site programs for employees of several Connecticut companies.
We have worked with age groups ranging from middle school students to adults. Our
overarching goals are to meet the needs of each student group and to provide an
educational and enjoyable experience for each participant. This will be our seventh year of
delivering the PLUS Intensive English Program. We continue to incorporate student and
faculty feedback to improve on both academic and extracurricular aspects of the program.
The American English Language Institute at the University of Connecticut is accredited by the Commission on
English Language Program Accreditation for the period September 2007 through September 2017 and agrees
to uphold the CEA Standards for English Language Programs and Institutions.
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February 17, 2016
Outstanding Features of UCAELI's Intensive English PLUS Program:
Commission on English Language Program (CEA) Accreditation since 2002
UCAELI’s Intensive English Program has met the highest standards in all areas
including: Curriculum, Faculty, Facilities, Student Services, Student Achievement, and
Administrative and Fiscal Capacity.
Students are introduced to university life in safe, teacher-facilitated settings. Classes
are held on the University of Connecticut campus. This provides for a structured and
supervised introduction to the university.
Students meet with native English speakers in teacher guided classes and activities.
Each student has conversation classes with native English speaking students each
week. This is an excellent opportunity for authentic practice and for learning about
university life and U.S. culture.
Students learn about the community and U.S. culture through direct contact. Through
experiential learning activities incorporated in both morning and afternoon classes,
students are exposed to a variety of places, people and issues at the university and in
the local community. Readings, assignments and conversation topics help students
understand the culture, traditions and values of American people. Teacher facilitation
provides for safe and productive learning experiences.
Cross-cultural learning is a component of all UCAELI classes. Instructors create
opportunities for students to inform others about their cultural beliefs, values and
traditions and to develop the necessary skills for global citizenship.
Small classes ensure individualized instruction and maximum progress. Maximum
class size is 15 students. This ensures that each student’s English language needs
and goals are considered and can be met. Moreover, teachers are able to assist all
students with cultural adjustment and overall academic and personal development.
Students build a connection with the University of Connecticut. UCAELI students will
discover that the University of Connecticut offers excellent undergraduate and
graduate education opportunities. Summer students build an important connection
with UCONN that may influence their future academic life. UCAELI assists all of its
students in their applications for admission to degree programs at the University of
Program Description:
UCAELI will deliver a multi-level intensive four-week Intensive English as a Second
Language (ESL) program. The program is designed to have a communicative focus.
Morning courses will focus on speaking, listening and reading development, while afternoon
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February 17, 2016
courses emphasize development academic writing, pronunciation and research skills. Halfday trips will focus on exploration of nearby places of cultural and historic interest. There will
be three full-day trips including Mystic Seaport, Boston and New York City, and several
optional weekend activities will be offered.
Chang Gung University (CGU) students will be joined by other international students in this
program. The total number of students participating in the session is expected to be
approximately between 40 and 60. The four-week program will be advertised through
UCAELI’s website, brochure and recruiting resources.
Dates of program: July 11 (arrival) to August 8 (departure), 2015
Length of program: four weeks
Hours of instruction: 22 hours per week, four days per week plus one five hour trip led by
Number of CGU students: 40 students
Levels of Instruction: 3 levels according to needs of students
Place of Instruction: UCONN Storrs campus
Class size: 15 students maximum per level
Age of students: The program is designed for students ages 16-24.
Students will develop and improve English skills with emphasis on increasing
communicative competence
Students will learn about the culture and communities of the University and the U.S.
as well as the cultures of other students in the program
Students will develop academic English skills
Students will learn key strategies for language learning that will speed their progress
and lead to ongoing self-directed learning
Students will engage in activities and assignments that require interaction and
communication with native English speakers
Students’ proficiency will be evaluated at the beginning and end of the program
Faculty and Staff:
All UCAELI instructors hold a Master's degree in Teaching English to Speaker's of Other
Languages (TESOL). Instructors have extensive teaching experience in addition to crosscultural and/or overseas teaching/living experience.
The UCAELI administrative staff strives to meet the highest standards of management and
quality of service. UCAELI’s Academic Coordinator, Jeannie Slayton, will have primary
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February 17, 2016
responsibility for overseeing this program, while the Student Services Coordinator, Lena
Knowles, will be the contact for questions or assistance with student visas, insurance or
other student-related services. Our Program Assistant, Qi Lu (Luki), can also answer
questions and is a Chinese speaker.
Students in this program will take five courses. All students will take the following courses:
1) Communication Skills
This course emphasizes the development of listening and speaking skills in a variety of
social and academic contexts. Activities and projects, which include conducting surveys and
interviews with native speakers, making presentations, and discussing and debating topics
of interest to the students, are coupled with instructor guidance, peer feedback, and selfassessment in order to improve spoken English, active listening, and critical thinking skills.
Topics in grammar will be addressed regularly according to the needs and requests of the
2) Reading/Discussion
In this course, students will strengthen their reading skills—comprehension and
vocabulary—by reading short novels, stories, or articles chosen by the class. Classroom
discussion will focus on the reading assignments and related topics. Although this is a
reading and discussion class, students will have the opportunity to practice all four skills –
reading, listening, speaking, and some writing. In college classrooms in the U.S.,
discussions are common and students learn through sharing ideas. In this course, students
will learn strategies that will help them participate effectively in discussions.
3) Conversation (with Conversation Partners)
Facilitated by an instructor, students will learn conversation strategies and practice speaking
in everyday contexts with Conversation Partners who are native English speakers. The
native speakers will be volunteers recruited from the University community. Conversation
Partners are trained to provide feedback on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation by the
course instructor.
4) Independent Research
Students will gain hands on experience using the UCONN library’s resources, including
electronic databases and access to UCONN’s book and archive collection, while they
engage in research projects related to the Connecticut trips they will be taking. Students
will develop their own research topic combining their personal interest and an upcoming
trip (for example, the use of medicinal herbs by the Pequot Tribe). A presentation day
during the final week of classes will give everyone an opportunity to practice academic
presentation skills and to learn from one another’s research.
In the afternoon, students will choose one of the following courses according to their interest:
1) Academic Writing
This course will address strategies to improve academic writing, including editing techniques
and integrating and citing sources accurately. Each student will complete a short paper on a
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February 17, 2016
topic that the student is interested in researching. Students will learn how to use the library
databases and practice reading analytically, paraphrasing, writing an effective thesis
statement, and improving clarity by addressing grammatical problem areas.
2) Dramatic Dialogue
Through the creative process of dialogue writing and performing, students will gain a better
understanding of grammar in action and will pick up vocabulary in authentic contexts.
Students will gain awareness of native English speaker rhythm, stress and intonation
patterns that are essential to meaning. Final group projects will be presented at the closing
ceremony for the program.
3) Present Yourself in English
This course is designed to provide students with the tools and skills needed to speak more
confidently and convincingly in front of an audience, with an advisor or professor, or during
an interview. Students will use topics of personal relevance as they explore ways to manage
speech anxiety, monitor their own speech for errors, and construct well-organized
Daily Schedule:
IEP PLUS Schedule - 4 weeks
Morning Classes (Core Courses)
English for
Academic Purposes
English for Academic
Purposes (EAP) OR
Full day
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9:00 am-12:00 pm
February 17, 2016
9:00 am-11:30 am
9:00 am-12:15 pm
Mystic, CT
Afternoon Trips
9:00 am-12:15 pm
Afternoon Classes (Content Based Courses)
Academic Writing,
Dramatic Dialogues
or Present Yourself
in English
Academic Writing,
Dramatic Dialogues
or Present Yourself
in English
Street Fest,
Willimantic, CT
New York
City, NY
Yale University, New
Haven, CT
1:30 pm-3:30 pm
1:30 pm-3:30 pm
12:30 pm-3:30 pm
Pequot Museum,
Mashantucket, CT
Student Placement and Assessment:
Students will take online tests of Listening and Reading prior to the start of the program.
The Student Services Coordinator will provide each student with a test ID and the log in
information for the online test via email. A speaking assessment will be done during the first
week of the program.
Each student will be provided with a transcript at the end of the program. UCAELI uses the
EAQUALs proficiency scale to score students in speaking, listening, reading and writing.
EAQUALs is an adapted version of the Common Framework of Reference (CEFR) scale.
An official Certificate of Study will be awarded to each student at a closing ceremony.
Other UCAELI Services:
Student Visas
UCAELI will produce the I-20 for each participant to use in obtaining an F-1 student visa.
The UCAELI staff will be available to answer any questions related to student immigration
Airport Transportation for Group:
UCAELI will provide airport pick up and return JFK International Airport (New York). A
coach bus will be provided.
Conversation Partner Program:
Practice with native English speakers is essential to students’ progress in mastering English.
To ensure that participants in the summer sessions have opportunities to practice and use
the language they are learning, UCAELI will recruit local volunteers to join the
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Communication Skills course that meets twice weekly.
supervise these classes.
February 17, 2016
Instructors will facilitate and
Welcome Lunch and Closing Ceremony with Certificate Presentation:
UCAELI will provide a welcome lunch on the first day of the session. This will provide an
opportunity for the students to meet the UCAELI instructors and staff in an informal setting.
A brief orientation to the program and campus will take place after the lunch.
On the final day of the program, a closing ceremony will be held and certificates of
completion presented to each student.
Trips and Activities
UCONN Campus Exploration
UCONN Campus Tour - In-depth tour of the university campus and facilities guided by
UCONN students and a UCAELI Instructor. Here is a brief description from UCONN’s
website: “Welcome to the top public university in New England. As Connecticut’s flagship
institution of higher learning, the University of Connecticut offers nationally ranked academic
programs, breathtaking cultural enlightenment, unprecedented achievements in athletic
excellence and campuses that are graced by the designs of international architects. Take a
moment to explore UCONN and learn why we stand among the top universities in the
Benton Art Museum - The small, elegantly designed College Gothic structure, with its
gracious sculpture garden, is among the core campus buildings that are listed on the
National Register of Historic Places. The Museum has an exceptionally fine collection of
more than 5,500 works including paintings, drawings, watercolors, prints, photographs, and
Connecticut State Museum of Natural History - As home to the Office of State Archaeology
and the Connecticut Archaeology Center, the Museum’s goal is to tell a story that integrates
Connecticut’s natural history with its cultural history. In the new permanent exhibit “Human’s
Nature: Looking Closer at the Relationships between People and the Environment “ we
explore how the natural history of southern New England has shaped, and continues to
shape, the lives of the people who live here, and how people, in turn, reshape the
Horsebarn Hill Barns and Dairy Bar - UCONN’s agricultural college was started in 1881 to
teach students the business of farming. Today, animal science has expanded to include
veterinary science, environmental health issues, nutrition, animal production, food science,
biotechnology and genetics. Visitors to scenic Horsebarn Hill can tour the barns and see
dairy & beef cows, sheep, and horses maintained by UCONN students. A visit to the
famous Dairy Bar for delicious old-fashioned UCONN ice cream is a great way to conclude
the tour.
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February 17, 2016
Thursday afternoon trips:
Third Thursday Street Festival - Also in Willimantic, Connecticut, the Third Thursday Street
Festival is a lively, colorful event that takes place monthly from May to October. The city’s
Main Street is closed to traffic and filled with people selling a variety of food, making music
and providing educational information to the public.
New Haven, CT - Also known as Elm City, New Haven is the home of Yale University, the
third oldest college in the United States. Other popular attractions include The Peabody
Museum of Natural History, The Yale Center for British Art, Trinity Church and for
consumers on a budget - the IKEA, the world famous home goods store. Students will have
the opportunity to participate in a guided tour of the Yale campus, including a glimpse into
the unique Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, and will have opportunities to shop,
and visit local museums or cafes.
The Mashantucket Pequot Museum - The Mashantucket Pequot Museum is a one of a kind
interactive museum that takes visitors back in time to explore the history and culture of the
Native American tribes in Connecticut from the Ice Age to the present.
Full-Day Trips
Mystic Seaport - Mystic Seaport is a living maritime museum located on the scenic
Connecticut Coast. Original buildings, ships and artifacts from the 1800's allow visitors
to experience life in a 19th century fishing village. After we visit the seaport, we will
continue to Old Mystic Village where students can go shopping.
Boston and New York City - Students will be provided with detailed information about places
to visit and getting around in Boston and New York City and will have the option of staying
with a group or exploring the cities on their own. Transportation to and from the cities will
be by coach bus.
Friday Evening Activities (optional)
A variety of activities will be offered on Friday evenings. These will include movie nights,
indoor and outdoor games, and a trip to an indoor/outdoor shopping mall.
Weekend Trips (optional)*
Explore Hartford, Connecticut, the state capitol: Visit the Mark Twain House, Elizabeth
Park (famous for rose gardens), the old State House and the Wadsworth Atheneum (the
first art museum in the U.S.).
Clinton Crossings Premium Outlet Stores - Spend a day shopping near Connecticut's
beautiful coastline. After traveling through historic villages and crossing the Connecticut
River, we'll continue to Clinton Crossing Outlet Mall where students can shop for
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February 17, 2016
designer goods.
Blueberry Picking and baking: Pick blueberries on a local farm, then learn firsthand how
to bake blueberry muffins, yummy!
*Costs of optional trips not included in tuition. Information on costs of optional trips is
available upon request.
Housing and Meal Plans:
Housing and Meals will be provided on campus and arranged through UCAELI’s office.
CGU students will live in a university dormitory. CGU students will share double-rooms
with a shared bathroom for every two rooms (four people share one bathroom). The
rooms are air-conditioned and within walking distance to the dining halls. There are no
kitchens in the dormitories, so students are required to purchase a meal plan. The meal
plan will provide for three meals per day for all days the students will be on campus.
Application Requirements and Procedures:
CGU will collect required data in spreadsheet form for each student, this data must be
received via email by the deadline to allow sufficient time for immigration paperwork and I-20
form delivery to students in Taiwan. Blank spreadsheet form to be provided to CGU by
Student Services Coordinator via email.
I-20 forms will not be provided until all of the following have been received via email:
Complete set of data for each student with a valid email address
Financial certification for each student – Names in English, show at least equivalent
to $5030USD, no older than 3 months, liquid funds
Completed Financial Declaration form for each student including student signature on
Section 1 and Personal Sponsor (i.e. Parent) signature on Section 2.
Scanned copy of current passport
The following forms are due before arrival by June 12, 2015:
Completed emergency contact form
UCONN Health History Form completed by the doctor of the student
Deadline for application data:
May 1, 2015
Placement Testing:
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February 17, 2016
Students will be emailed with instructions for the online tests of Listening, Reading and
Deadline for Placement Test Completion
June 5, 2015
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February 17, 2016
Tuition and Fees:
Tuition per Student*
$ 2000
$ 1005
$ 785
Medical Insurance
$ 285
TOTAL per student
$ 4075
*Tuition includes 3 levels of instruction for students plus all other instructional and
administrative costs. All trips except optional weekend trips are included. Airport pick up
and return are also included. Course material costs and personal expenses are not
Payment Terms:
Tuition in full is to be paid by end of first week of session
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