DN#3: Uncle Sam Political Cartoon

Do Now #3
After analyzing the above cartoon, answer the following questions:
What do the following items represent in the cartoon:
(a) Bolts of cloth stacked on the left:
(b) The tailor:
(c) Man being fitted for a new suit:
(d) Flag under the bolts of cloth:
(e) Current suit on man:
Based on the clues of the cartoon, give an approximate date for the cartoon.
Explain the title of the cartoon: “Measuring Uncle Sam for a New Suit”
Practice Test Questions!! Show me your US History Skills!
1. This cartoon might have been used to support the point of view of —
a. legislators who wanted to pass laws restricting immigration
b. expansionists who wanted to acquire territories for economic, political, and social reasons
c. northern industrialists who wanted to benefit from high protective tariffs
d. southern plantation owners seeking new sources of cheap labor
2. The expansionist policy of the 1890’s and specifically in the Spanish American war in 1898
brought which important Pacific Ocean colonies under American Control?
Puerto Rico and Cuba
Hawaii and Alaska
Guam and The Philippines
Samoan Islands and Australia
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