Cartoon Assignment

WRTG 3030
Dr. Fredricksmeyer
Cartoon Assignment
1. Find a cartoon on the internet that addresses a controversial issue involving science and
society. Make sure the issue addressed is one of personal interest to you. Make an
electronic copy of the cartoon.
2. Write a critical essay in which you disagree with the position taken by the cartoon.
3. In your first paragraph:
a. State in the first sentence the cartoonist's central point.
Explain in the rest of this paragraph how you think s/he makes this point.
4. In your second paragraph:
a. State in the first sentence your response to the cartoonist's central point. In
other words, write that you disagree with x’s position that … (and succinctly
repeat her thesis).
Explain/support your response in the rest of this paragraph.
5. Make sure to paste your cartoon on the electronic bulletin board when you submit your
essay. (I’ll explain how in class.)
Examples of cartoons.