Zuo Bo was born in Zouping, Shangdong Province, China in 1978

Zuo Bo was born in Zouping, Shangdong Province, China in 1978.
He graduated with a BSc in Animal Science from Qingdao Agricultural
University in 1999, and obtained his PhD in Animal Genetics and
Breeding from Huazhong Agricultural University in 2004. He spent one
year as a post-doctoral research fellow in the School of Veterinary
Medicine and Science (University of Nottingham), UK. He is currently a
professor and doctoral supervisor of Huazhong Agricultural University.
His research fields mainly focused on molecular regulation mechanisms
of animal muscle growth and development, QTL mapping of important
economic traits and functional genomics in pigs, and molecular breeding.
He has obtained many research projects including the National Natural
Science Foundation, "863" project, the project of major science and
technology of genetically modified, Natural Science Fund of Hubei
Province. He also participated in the research of agricultural technology
innovation team of Hubei Province, and “swine germplasm innovation
and genetic improvement” innovation team of Ministry of Education as
the core member. As the first or corresponding author, he has published
more than 20 research papers in journals such as Int J Biol Sci, Anim
Genet, J Anim Breed Genet, Animal, Mol Biol Rep, J Appl Genet, Anim
biotechnol and Acta Veterinaria et Zootechnica Sinica, etc. His doctoral
thesis was awarded the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation
nomination and excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Hubei Province in
2006. He earned four national authorized invention patents, Chinese
Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine Award, and two
provincial or ministerial second prizes of scientific and technological
progress as the primary completion. Until now he has trained four master
students graduated and seven students in graduate school.