Form B Supervisory Approval of Draft Dissertation I, the undersigned

Form B
Supervisory Approval of Draft Dissertation
I, the undersigned,
Titles, initials and full name:
E-mail address:
(Mobile) phone number:
TUD staff number:
having been appointed by the Board for Doctorates as doctoral supervisor of:
Last name(s):
First name(s):
(Mobile) phone:
Email address:
Intended doctoral defence month:
Definitive title dissertation (Article 11.2):
hereby state that I have read the draft dissertation, and have assessed it in accordance with the criteria described in
o Article 9.3 of the Doctoral Regulations (quality and scientific level of the thesis)
o Section D 1.4 of the Implementation Decree (Plagiarism scan), and
o Article 11 of the Doctoral Regulations (i.e. title dissertation, propositions, and Doctoral Education).
I declare (on behalf of the supervisory team) that I (we) have approved the draft dissertation and propositions and agree that the candidate should
request for a provisional defence date.
Date plagiarism check completed:
Signed on (date):
Please submit the form to the University Graduate School.
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Datum DE goedgekeurd door FGS: