C.V. - Margaret Cullen

Margaret Cullen, M.F.T.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher
2535 Buena Vista Way
Berkeley, CA 94708
Phone: (510) 666-9339
Email: [email protected]
Bachelor of Arts, Clark University, Worcester, MA
Double Major in French and Psychology
Special Studies in Group Dynamics, Harvard University,
Cambridge, MA
French Literature of the Existentialists,
L’Universite Aix-Marseille, France
Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology, Antioch University,
Los Angeles, CA
Professional Experience:
The Cancer Support Community, Santa Monica and Walnut Creek, CA
Two Year Training and Internship in Group Facilitation.
Group Facilitator: Facilitate support groups for cancer
patients, their families and post treatment groups.
Designed and taught the first mindfulness program
for national headquarters and continue to teach and design innovative
mindfulness-based curricula for this cohort including weekly meditation
groups, bi-annual forgiveness workshops, Mindfulness-Based Stress
Reduction (MBSR) and Compassion Cultivation courses for cancer patients
and their families. Lead Facilitator for study in collaboration with David
Spiegel, Stanford University.
Professional Experience – continued
Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA
University of California at San Francisco
Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, San Francisco
Taught MBSR courses as part of long-term study with HIV patients.
Taught MBSR courses to extremely diverse populations.
Developed and taught first MBSR course for physicians.
Developed and taught first “graduate” courses for both patients and
Primary Consultant for Region-wide revision of MBSR Curriculum.
Co-Instructor and Curriculum Development for research
study, “Cultivating Emotional Balance”, teaching emotion skills and
meditation to school teachers.
Margaret Kemeny, PhD., Principal Investigator.
SMART in Education
Developed curriculum and taught ten week intervention for Denver Public
School Teachers combining meditation and emotional intelligence.
Developed and taught intensive emotion training/mindfulness program for
school principals in Vancouver, Canada. Trained SMART instructors in Ann
Arbor, Michigan, Berkeley, CA and Boulder, Colorado. Currently piloting
online training for SMART instructors.
University of California at San Francisco
Wrote curriculum and taught research study, “Craving and Lifestyle
Management with Mindfulness”, combining meditation and emotion training
for overweight women.
Elissa Eppel, PhD., Principal Investigator
Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education
Stanford University
Senior Teacher
Collaborated on curriculum development for Compassion Cultivation
training. Train and supervise new instructors.
University of Miami
2014 –
Portland State University
Develop and deliver Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance Program for
military spouses at Fort Drum, NY. Train and supervise MBEB instructor
continued research at Fort Elgin Air Force Base, FL.
Develop and deliver Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance Program for
educators at public middle schools as part of large research study.
Mindfulness Training:
Numerous Vipassana retreats ranging from ten days to three
months primarily with Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield. Other teachers
include: Sharon Salzberg, Christopher Titmuss, Steven Smith, Michelle
MacDonald, Sylvia Boorstein Christina Feldman, Steve and Kamala Masters,
Phillip Moffit, Ajahn Sumedho, Ajahn Amaro, James Baraz, Tsoknyi Rinpoche,
Mingyur Rinpoche, Yvonne Rand and Shinzen Young.
MBSR Professional Training with Jon Kabat-Zinn.
Regional Teacher Development with Ferris Urbanowski.
Participate in ongoing peer-led group of MBSR teachers.
Completed Certification Program in MBSR through the Center for
Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts
Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy training with Zindel Segal
“The Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance Workbook: An Eight Week Program for
Improved Emotion Regulation and Resilience”, Cullen, M., and Brito, G. Oakland: New
Harbinger, 2015.
“Mindfulness Training and Stress Reduction in Teachers: Findings and Potential Mediating
Processes”, Roeser, R., Schonert-Reichl, K, Taylor, C., Harrison, J., Cullen, M., Society for
Prevention Research 22nd Annual Meeting 2013; 05/2014
“Anticipatory sensitization to repeated stressors: The role of initial cortisol reactivity and
meditation/emotion skills training”, Turan,B., Foltz, C., Cavanagh, J., Wallace, A., Cullen,
M. , Rosenberg, E., Jennings, P.,, Ekman, P. , Kemeny, M.
Psychoneuroendocrinology (2014), in press.
“Mindfulness Training and Reductions in Teacher Stress and Burnout: Results From Two
Randomized, Waitlist-Control Field Trials”, Roeser, R. W., Schonert-Reichl, K. A., Jha, A.,
Cullen, M., Wallace, L., Wilensky, R., Oberle, E., Thomson, K., Taylor, C., & Harrison, J.
(2013, April 29). Journal of Educational Psychology. Advance online publication. doi:
“Teaching Compassion to Teachers” chapter in Compassion: Bridging Practice and Science,
Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, 2013.
“Enhancing Compassion: A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Compassion Cultivation
Training Program” with Hooria Jazaieri, M.A., Geshe Thupten Jinpa, Ph.D. , Kelly McGonigal,
Ph.D. , Erika L. Rosenberg, Ph.D. , Joel Finkelstein, B.A. , Emiliana Simon-Thomas, Ph.D. ,
James R. Doty M.D. , James J. Gross, Ph.D. , & Philippe R. Goldin, Ph.D. , Journal of Happiness
Studies, 2012
“Stopping Teacher Burnout”, Greater Good, The Science of a Meaningful Life, Online Journal,
January 19, 2012
Training Reduces Negative Emotional Behavior and Promotes
Prosocial Responses.” with Kemeny, M. E., Foltz, C., Cavanagh, J. F.., Giese-Davis, J.,
Jennings, P., Rosenberg, E. L., Gillath, O., Shaver, P. R., Wallace, B. A., & Ekman, P. (2011,
December 12). Emotion. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1037/a0026118
“Compassion Curriculum: An Interview with Geshe Thubten Jinpa”, Inquiring Mind,
Volume 28 , Number 1, Fall 2011, with Barbara Gates and Sandy Boucher.
“Opening the Heart at Stanford, Google and Beyond”, Inquiring Mind, Volume 28,
Number 1, Fall, 2011.
“Mindfulness-Based Interventions: An Emerging Phenomenon”, Mindfulness, Vol. 2, #3,
September, 2011
“On Mindfulness”, Essay in Emotional Awareness, Ekman, Paul and The Dalai Lama, Henry
Holt and Co., New York, 2008, pp. 61-63
“Mystery Remains: A Scientist meets a Monk”, Interview with Paul Ekman, Inquiring Mind,
Vol. 24, Number 1, Fall 2007
“The Pursuit of Happiness: An Interview with Matthieu Ricard”, with Ronna Kabatznick,
Inquiring Mind, Volume 23, Number 2, Spring 2007
“Mindfulness: The Heart of Buddhist Meditation?”, Inquiring Mind, Volume 22, Number 2,
Spring 2006
“A Meeting of the Minds: Buddhists & Scientists Confer at M.I.T.” Inquiring Mind, Volume
20, Number 2, Spring 2004
“Scientific Mind, Buddhist Mind: An Interview with Alan Wallace”,
Inquiring Mind, Volume 20, Number 2, Spring 2004
“The Traveling Peacemaker: A Conversation with Marshall Rosenberg”,
in collaboration with Ronna Kabatznick, Inquiring Mind, Volume 21, Number 1, Fall 2004
“The Science of Goodness”, Inside Mind and Life, Volume 2, Issue 1, February 2005
Selected Presentations and Workshops:
“Introduction to Compassion Cultivation”, San Francisco, 2014
Science of Compassion Conference
“Cultivating Compassion Intensive” – Sydney, Australia, 2013
“Whack – a –Mole vs: Inner Peace: Turning toward the difficult as a hallmark of
mindfulness-based interventions”, Keynote, UCSD, 2013
“The Science and Practice of Compassion Cultivation Meditation Training”, CFM 2012
“Integrating forgiveness Training into MBSR”, 9th Scientific Conference, CFM, 2011
“Mindfulness for Teachers”, 8th Scientific Conference, Center for Mindfulness, 2010
“SMART in Education”, Mindfulness in Education Conference, Oakland, CA, 2009
“Mindfulness and Stress Reduction” Kaiser Nurses, 2004, 2005
“Mindfulness”, Grand Rounds, Kaiser Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, Oakland, 2006
“Forgiveness”, The Wellness Community, annually, 2005 through present.
“The Aikido of Communication”, The Happiness Conference, San Francisco, 2008
“Mindfulness and Forgiveness”, Integrative Pain Medicine Conference, San Francisco,
“Integrating Emotion training into MBSR”, 7th Scientific Conference, Center for
Mindfulnesss, 2009
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