Context Clues Review Sheet

Context Clues Review Sheet
Directions: Determine the meaning of the underlined word using context clus. Then check your answer by
using a dictionary or
My little sister is given to hyperbole. For instance, she swore that she saw a spider with legs ten inches long.
The coastal fishermen wore yellow mackintoshes to keep the salt spray from destroying their clothes.
If you are gregarious, you will probably enjoy a job in sales. If, on the other hand, you prefer to be by
yourself, selling is not the occupation for you.
The condiments - relish, mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise - were placed in the middle of the table.
Upon his death, Elvis Presley s pecuniary affairs, such as his savings, his property, and his checking
accounts, were handled by his father.
Soporific aids, such as pills, counting sheep, or drinking warm milk, do not really remove the cause of
an insomniac s problem.
Ever since my mother became a vegetarian, she has been trying to proselytize our family. While serving
us meat, she always points Out the dangerous high cholesterol and the unhealthy additives used in
preparing the meat. She never fails to suggest that we join her in her vegetarian habits.
Like his father, Lincoln was physically lazy even as a youth, but unlike him, had an active forensic mind.
When only fifteen, he was often on stumps and fences making political speeches, from which his father had to
haul him back to his chores. He was fond of listening to lawyers arguments and occupying his mind with
Franklin s penchant for strong, bright colors shows up in his clothes, which are always in vivid, lively hues, as
well as in his room which he has redecorated in orange, red, and brown.
Mrs. Jackson had always had to support her family on her small salary until she won the contest that paid one
hundred thousand dollars and made her a woman of affluence.
Mr. Bolin practically growled when I asked him how he was feeling, and his fractious mood seemed to get
worse through the morning until he actually lost his temper with one of the supervisors.
Years ago, the itinerant knife and scissors sharpener with his grindstone on wheels would push his cart through
our neighborhood every couple of months or so to do what work there was for him, and then he would move on.
Julie was getting tired of the way in which her little sister tried to emulate her. Karen was doing her best to
dress like Julie and act like her. Also, lately Karen had even picked up some of Julie’s expressions.
An old poem says that a child who is born on Sunday will be “blithe and bonny”--in other words, merry and
When John got up to speak at his father’s funeral, his loving eulogy made every person there weep.
“The language in the film is not gratuitous,” said the critic. “It is essential to the character
development and plot.”
People in town are arguing about what to do with the beautiful but run-down old town hall building: should
they raze it and build a new one at that spot, or should they spend a lot of money restoring it?
Rhetta feels very strongly about capital punishment, but when she wrote a paper about it, she tried hard to keep
her tone dispassionate and neutral.
Gordon approached his first job with startling nonchalance, casually walking in late every day and then
spending most of his time chatting on the phone with friends. He was soon fired.
As snow and sleet began to fall, many loyal football fans remained in their seats. Their stoic reaction was
not shared by Jerry, who headed home, shivering.
The tribal leaders accused the colonizing government of genocide and worked out a strategy to stop this
systematic wiping out of their people.
Rather than incarcerate the suspect, the sheriff decided that he should go free.
The winning team secured the first-place title by legerdemain. They customarily held pre-game conferences
during which veiled threats were made against officials who made bad calls against them. They employed spies
to report on the game plans of their opponents. Worst of all, they even used specially altered equipment to
assure their victory.