Chapter 19 Worksheet

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Chapter 19: Investigation Worksheet
To complete this worksheet, see the instructions in the textbook (Chapter 19 Investigation).
Table 1: Geologic Features of an Alien World
Table 2. Relative Ages of Regions and Features
Observations: Observe the image below, and interpret where
boundaries are located between regions that have different geologic
characteristics. Your Chapter 19 Investigation shows photographs for
each region, which may help you decide what features characterize
each region. Draw in the boundaries between these regions.
Using all the information, number the events in order
from oldest (1) to youngest (7). Note that the sedimentary
terrain (S) fills, and so is younger than, the valleys (V).
Also, in one location (too small to see on the globe), rocks
of the mountains are covered by deposits from the valleys.
(1 for oldest
to 7 for
or Feature
Western Terrain (W) and
Eastern Terrain (E)
Dark Terrain (D)
Chasm (C)
Polar Ice (P)
Sedimentary Terrain (S)
Valleys (V)
Mountains (M)
Chapter 19: Investigation Worksheet; page 2
Table 3. Short Report
In the space below, write a short report summarizing the geology of the planet and its geologic history. Your instructor will guide
you about the length and detail expected. This report should demonstrate the breadth of knowledge you have gained in this course,
not just the concepts from this last chapter.
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Chapter 19: Investigation Worksheet; page 3
Table 4. Simple Geologic Map (optional)
If instructed to by your instructor, draw detailed boundaries between regions and show the location of various geologic features, such
as craters (outline with a dashed line), volcanoes (show with a triangle [▲]), and possible faults (show with a dark line). Include a
legend next to the figure.
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