Geologic Time Scale

North Carolina's geologic history is kept in the _________________!
The rocks are grouped together in units called ______________________
Geologic Belts are rock groups with ________________ characteristics and history
In North Carolina, there are _____ different belts of igneous, sedimentary, and
metamorphic rocks that have similar geologic history.
Earth’s Geologic History
Earth's history spans over a length of _____________________years
Geologists have _____________________ that time into units based on major
geologic events and ____________________.
We discovered that some organisms _____________________during certain time
units, so when geologists find those remains in rocks, we know exactly which time
unit a rock is from
________________ are the preserved remains and traces of past life forms. They
are found in sedimentary rocks.
Geologic Time Scale
The time scale was created to show the_______________________ in Earth's
From ________________________to _________________, the units of time are:
1.______________________________ 2._________________________
3.________________________________ 4._________________________
Each unit of time is recognized by the fossils it contains!
Examples: 1.Age of____________________2. Age of________________________
3. Age of__________________________ 4._____________________________
__________= Million Years Ago
We know that Wilmington is in the _______________________Belt and some of the rocks
here formed ______________million years ago!
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