Joint Laboratory for Plant Cell Biology and Biotechnology

“Molecular Mechanisms of Yield & Salt Tolerance in Rice”
Joint Laboratory for Plant Cell Biology & Rice Genetics
Supported by the CAS-Croucher Funding Scheme
Professor JIANG Liwen
(School of Life Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Professor LIN Hong-Xuan
(Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Chinese Academy
of Science)
The goal of this study is to bring together two internationally recognized Principle
Investigators (PIs) in Plant Cell Biology (CUHK) and Rice Genetics (CAS) to work
together synergistically on the Molecular Mechanisms of Yield & Abiotic Stress
Tolerance in Rice, with the long-term goal of establishing an Joint Laboratory of
Plant Cell Biology and Rice Genetics, so as to make significant contributions toward
our understanding about the basic mechanisms of yield and abiotic stress (e.g. salt)
tolerance traits in rice as well as their potential applications in rice breeding and
biotechnology, thus making contribution to the development of agricultural
biotechnology in China.