We come in the consciousness of Oneness knowing the truth that all is connected and
all is One. This is the only truth of existence; however, there appear to be many
divisions of this One truth and many assumed points of reality that are seen to be true
for the moment, which indeed they are. But the only eternal truth, that which resides
within the consciousness of the soul, is the truth of Oneness, the truth of connectedness,
the truth that permeates all creation, the truth that all of existence is an emanation of the
Love and Light of the consciousness of creation.
This is an era, a time that has been preordained, a time when all that is not consistent
with this One truth is cast out. This is a time when all perceptions need to be grounded
in this One truth and any perceptions, any preconceived notions or old paradigms of
action or thinking need to simply be dissolved, discarded, and eliminated from the
applied consciousness of the soul so that the singular truth of existence can be made
manifest in every thought, every word, and every deed.
It is a time, as might be said, to clean house, to put away those things that are no longer
necessary, to move into the central room of consciousness where all is swept clean and
there is simply the purity of Love and Light being demonstrated, being made manifest,
being the total expression of consciousness in all moments of every day.
So you see, this is a time when such cleansing and purification is being motivated
through the many avenues of expression that are being offered to the awakening souls
inhabiting Earth. Listen carefully to that which is given. Feel deeply that which is offered
and align completely with that which emanates from the Love and Light of the
consciousness of creation. All else is but a passing fancy and has no substance of its
This is a time to erase and to eliminate all that is not focused on the presentation of the
Love and Light that you are. This is a time of rapid acceleration and evolution of
consciousness as souls are drawn into the truth, the singular truth of existence. So
embrace all that is occurring. See clearly that which is penetrating into the applied
consciousness of the soul as it is emanating from the very center of consciousness.
Feel the momentum. Willingly let go of all that is not consistent with or not the
emanating pattern of the Love and Light from within. There is no alternative. It is simply
a process of consciousness unfolding, consciousness being realized, consciousness
being fully manifest, consciousness being aligned with the singular truth of the
consciousness of the soul. It could not be said more clearly. Listen, feel, apply, release
and let the Love and Light of the consciousness of creation be your only point of
reference. Let that same Love and Light be the complete statement of your existence.
That is all there is. Let it be so.
TRUTH: 19970825M