Idea for final exam in Logic

Study sheet for final exam in Logic
Cumulative Exam worth 100 points.
You will be expected to
write at least two sentences
each about ten of the
1. Sentence
2. Statement
3. Argument
4. Premise
5. Conclusion
6. Induction
7. Deduction
8. Strong
9. Valid
10. Sound
11. Cogent
12. Mention
13. Truth table
14. Disjunction
15. Conditional
16. Antecedent
17. Instantiation
18. Only if
19. If and only if
20. Indirect Proof
21. deMorgan’s rule
22. Distribution
23. Major term
24. Predication
25. Counterexample
Be able to list and explicate:
- Premise- and conclusion-indicating words
-Three kinds of truth-functional statements
-Four comparisons between truth-functional statements
-Describe or comment on the rules of equivalence
-Five rules of categorical syllogisms
-Five patterns of inductive reasoning (Be able to give a simple
example of each)
-Six patterns of deductive reasoning (Be able to give a simple
example of each)
-Seven patterns of non-arguments (Be able to give a simple
example of each)
-Eight valid rules of inference for Natural Deduction
-Twenty informal fallacies (Be able to give a simple example of
each and explain what the fallacy consists of)
Be able to do problems:
-Identify informal fallacies in passages
-Translate from ordinary English to Standard form
categorical propositions and syllogisms; analyze using
Venn diagrams and rules
-Translate from ordinary English to Propositional logic
notation; analyze with truth tables and natural deduction
proofs, including Indirect and Conditional Proof.
-Translate from ordinary English to Predicate Logic
notation, and do a proof using UI, EI, UG, EG, and CQ