Know the Facts Ch. 5 1. List two of the main causes of the U.S. Civil

Know the Facts Ch. 5
1. List two of the main causes of the U.S. Civil War. Slavery and the struggle for
Congressional power between the agricultural South and industrial North
2. Name the eleven Confederate states. South Carolina, Mississippi ,Tennessee, Louisiana,
Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Arkansas, Georgia, and Texas
3. Why was it important to try to keep a “balance of power” between free and slave states
in the early 1800s? As long as there was an equal number of free and slave states the
struggle over Congressional power was held in check
4. Explain how John C. Calhoun helped to open the nullification crisis during President
Andrew Jackson’s administration. Calhoun was Jackson’s Vice President and was from
South Carolina. South Carolina blamed its economic troubles on the tariff issue and
Calhoun supported nullification of the tariff law. He also saw nullification as a way to
protect slavery in the South
5. How was the nullification crisis resolved? Congress passed a new tariff that gradually
reduced tariffs to earlier rates and passed a bill that denied states the right to nullify a law
6. List the main terms of the Compromise of 1850. California would be admitted as a free
state, slavery would be determined by popular sovereignty in the eastern territories, and
it gave the South a stronger fugitive slave law
7. How did Mississippians react to the election of President Abraham Lincoln in 1860?
Mississippi seceded from the Union and joined with other states to form the Confederate
States of America
8. Briefly describe life on the home front in Mississippi during the Civil War. Women
served as nurses and made uniforms, men served in the army, slaves would rebel by
refusing to work or would leave, etc…
9. Name three weapons of warfare that were introduced during the Civil War. Ironclad
ships, repeating rifles, submarines
10. Describe the general living conditions of the Mississippians in the post-war days.
Citizens had to rebuild homes and farms, the pre-war prosperity was gone