The Nullification Crisis: Student Version

The Nullification Crisis
 South Carolina wrote a document titled “______________________
_______________” in response to the tariff of 1828
 They were protesting the collection of the ___________________.
 Within the document ____________ are listed for their
______________ of the tariff.
1. ______________ was given powers by the people but with
___________ so that they do not ________________________.
2. The power to tax imports is _____________________ given to
Congress and does not _____________________.
3. _____________________ feels the tariff was passed to benefit
__________________ only.
4. Regulating ________________________ could lead to government
control of all aspects of __________________________.
5. Tax on imports does not necessarily __________________________
____________ US agriculture or manufacturing.
6. The power to protect manufacturers is ______________________
given to Congress, so it violates the _____________________(powers
not specifically given to federal government goes to the state).
7. The tariff is ____________ and is an ________ of government power.
8. South Carolina is ________________________________________,
therefore if the tax makes producing crops unprofitable, the state will