Tube recharge SHIPO 15-3-2012

Tube recharge SHIPO model
Infiltrating ground runoff rainwater in the ground
After making a pit of 3 -5 m3, a filtration hole is made
with a soil punch. This hole should pass the top
compact layer and in this case is 6 m. deep
Than the sand filter pit is made and the filter hole is
half filled up with course sand or gravel. In the case of
a hole of 6 Meters the gravel is filled up 3 meters
Than a ¾”PVC pipe of 3 m long with filter slots at
both ends(see manual tube recharge) is placed in
the hole. The top of the pipe should be 10 cm under
the sand. The hole is further filled up with gravel and
the sand filter pit is filled up with sand.
The sand is covered with a cloth filter folded around a
metal ring ej made of round bar 10 mm. Bricks are
placed on top to avoid the cloth from floating. A rope is
attached to be able to take out the filter for cleaning
The Pit fills up during the rain. After some hours the
water has infiltrated in the ground via the cloth and
sand filter. This is repeated every time it rains
Copy rights SHIPO. Tanzania. January 2011
The cloth filter has to be cleaned when clogged.
Material cost of this tube recharge 10 US$