An Integrated Modeling Approach

American Shore & Beach Preservation Association
Fall Conference, New Orleans, LA, October 19-21, 2011
Matthew F. Shultz, P.E.1 and Ali Farhadzadeh, CFM2
Abstract for Presentation
An integrated modeling approach is presented for the assessment of wave overtopping of a levee
or coastal structure and the ensuing inundation which occurs landward of the structure. In this
approach a modeling system is defined consisting of 1-D cross-shore model to determine the
amount of overflow and wave overtopping, combined with a 2-D model of the area landward of
the levee. The 1-D CSHORE model is utilized to predict the cross-shore variations of the free
surface elevation and the depth-averaged velocity from outside the surf zone to the inner slope of
the levee. Overtopping rates obtained from the 1-D model serve as input conditions for the 2-D
model, in areas where overtopping occurs along the length of the levee.
An advantage of using this method is that the hydraulics of combined overflow/wave
overtopping can be separately analyzed while the flow and water levels landward of the levee
can be more accurately simulated, incorporating the capabilities of a 2-D model. Other
advantages and potential applications of this approach will be discussed, including the analysis
of a defined levee breach or an eroded profile. A case study examining the applicability of this
approach in quantifying inundation and characterizing the associated risk during an extreme
storm event will also be presented.
Sr. Coastal Engineer, Dewberry, 8401 Arlington Boulevard, Fairfax, VA 22031, 703-208-1763 (phone), 703-2060836 (fax), [email protected]
Mr. Shultz is a Senior Coastal Engineer/Project Manager at Dewberry with specialization in the evaluation and
design of structural and non-structural shoreline protection and restoration alternatives and in the modeling of
coastal and estuarine hydrodynamics, waves, and sediment transport processes. He received his M.S. in the field of
Ocean Engineering from the University of Rhode Island in 2005 and his B.S. in the field of Civil Engineering from
Tufts University in 1996.
Coastal Engineer, Dewberry, 8401 Arlington Boulevard, Fairfax, VA 22031, 703-849-0142 (phone), 703-849-0648
(fax), [email protected]
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