8.2 worksheet

8.2 “Louisiana Purchase” p.272-277
Name ________________Period____
American Settlers Move West
 Settled between __________________ Mts. & ________________ River
 Population grew - Added new states of _________, ____________, ____________
 Depended on _____________ River and _______________ River to move products
 ______________________ was an important port city for trade
 Spain owned Louisiana, but had a hard time keeping the Americans out. They decide to trade
Louisiana to _______________ .
 Spain closed New Orleans to American shipping
 Jefferson sends ambassadors to France to buy New Orleans
o Napoleon is the _________________ leader. He is occupied with the slave
rebellion in _______________.
 Jefferson Buys Louisiana
o French Minister, Talleyrand, offered to sell all of Louisiana in order to get money for
military supplies for his war with ________________________ .
o The French offered to sell all of Louisiana Territory for __________________ –
Livingston & Madison accept! (What a bargain!)
o Jefferson troubled: Not sure the _______________ allowed it. Thought it was too
much money! But he ends up allowing it.
o October 20, ____________ Senate approves Louisiana Purchase
o This roughly _______________________ the size of the U.S.
Explorers Head West
 In ____________ Jefferson asked Congress to fund expedition to explore West
 Goals of expedition:
o ________________________________________________________
o ________________________________________________________
 Expedition lead by ___________________ & _______________________
o They take ________ skilled frontiersmen
o Group is called the ________________________________________
o They traveled up the Missouri River _________ through difficult conditions
Contact with Native Americans
o Did not meet Native Americans for _______miles.
o They get help from Sacagawea, a Shoshone from the Rocky Mountains
o Sacagawea acts as ______________________ and helps with food gathering and
plant identification
o They crossed the Rockies & then follow the Columbia River
o The _________________________________ tribe also help.
o November, ________ – reach Pacific Ocean and on March, ______start return trip
Pike’s Expedition
 In the year _____ Zebulon Pike is sent to find the start of _________ River and to explore
present day _______________________ (Western border with New Spain)
 In 1807 Pike traveled into Spanish territory. He was arrested by the ___________ and
accused of being a ________. On his release he provided Americans with their first
description of the ___________________________