Project Director Seals in Interface Design & Development SealsCo

Project Director Seals in Interface Design & Development
Thanks for being a valuable member of SealsCo. We have 18
development groups within the ID&D Division.
Each Group needs to designate a new Project Manager for the next 2 weeks. The job of the
project manager is to be the point of contact for meetings with Project Director Seals and/or with
As PM you are to contact your client and set initial meeting (a mimimum of 4 meetings with
client. The Director needs to be present at some of your meetings to assess direction/progress of
project). If you are a web development group you should visit the web in preparation for your
meeting with your client to find similar projects and bring printouts to the meeting. This will
give your client an idea of what you would like to create for them. Remember these are just to
get foster discussion. In a user centered design process you should listen to the needs of your
We should be ready to begin project implementation and working on plans for P5 testing and
evaluation of your system. Details of what you need to do for P6 Heuristic Evaluations to
provide developers valuable feedback on their designs. Thanks for participating in P6 [Project
Heuristic Evaluations].
Project Heuristic Evaluations [P6]
Senior in Second Life
Project Personnel:
Wanda Moses, Aqueasha Martin, Justus Nyamwencha
Delane Abigt, Sriharsha Banavara, Kiranmai Bellam, Albanie Bolton,
Rambharat Bontha, Matthew Burleson, Curtis Cain
Vapor Labs Webpage Design
Project Personnel: Mark Kuhr, Derek Sanders
Evaluators: Ganesh Deo, Raja Shekar Erri, Jason Key, Ravali Gondi, Nidhi Gupta, Prateek
Spectrum Education Consulting
Project Personnel: Ram Bharat Reddy Bontha, Rajashekar Reddy Erri
Evaluators: Jaeho Jeon, Rajendra Kokate, Mark Kuhr, Radha Kuskuntla, Jung Hoon Lee,
Kyeongdon Lee
Robotic Interface
Project Personnel: James Morris-King, Kazuya Sakai, Travis Warlick, UG Wilson
Evaluators: Yueqin Lin, Aqueasha Martin, James Morris-King, Wanda Moses, Kathryn Nobles,
Justus Nyagwencha
NSF IPY project
Project Personnel: Feng Wu, Yixian Yang
Evaluators: Christopher Peer, Yasmeen Rawajfih, Evette Reese, Derek Sanders, Damodar Shenvi
Wagle, Kevin Simmons
PAIRS Broadening Participation in Computing Search
Project Personnel: Albanie Bolton, Nidhi Gupta
Evaluators: Prathap Subramanian, Karthik Vemula, Travis Warlick, U.G. Wilson, Jiong Xie,
Qing Yang
Virtual Counselor in Second Life – Dr. Thomas (2)
Project Personnel: Ravali Gondi, Preteek Hejmady, Jason Key
Evaluators: Feng Wu, Yixian Yang, Shu Yin, Delane Abight, Sriharsha Banavara Sathyanaraya,
Kiranmai Bellam
Evaluation of Prime III Voting System – Dr. Gilbert (3)
Project Personnel: Curtis Cain, Kevin Simmons, Sriharsha Sathyanarayana, Rajendra Kokate
Evaluators: Albanie Bolton, Rambharat Reddy Bontha, Matthew Burleson, Ganesh Deo, Raja
Shekar Erri, Ravali Gondi
Sisters of the Academy – SOTA Executive Team
Project Personnel: Evette Reese, Delane Abight, Mathew Burleson
Evaluators: Curtis Cain, Nidhi Gupta, Prateek Hejmady, Jason Key, JaehoJeon, Rajendra Kokate
Seals Faculty WebPage
Project Personnel: Jung Hoon Lee, Kyenongdon Lee, Yasmeen Rawajfih
Evaluators: Mark Kuhr, Radha Kuskuntla, Jung Hoon Lee, Kyeongdon Lee, Yueqin Lin,
Aqueasha Martin
The Beadery
Project Personnel:
AU Health
Project Personnel: Damodar Shenviwagle, Prathap Subramanian
Evaluators: James Morris-King, Wanda Moses, Kathryn Nobles, Justus Nyagwencha,
Christopher Peer, Yasmeen Rawajfih
Carlisle Faculty WebPage
Project Personnel: Ganesh Deo, Kiran Bellam, Jaeho Jeon
Evaluators: Evette Reese, Kazuya Sakai, Derek Sanders, Damodar Shenvi Wagle, Kevin
Simmons, Prathap Subramanian
Alabama Racquetball Association
Project Personnel: Yueqin Lin, Qing Yang
Evaluators: Karthik Vemula, Travis Warlick, U.G. Wilson, Feng Wu, Jiong Xie, Qing Yang,
Yixian Yang, Shu Yin
iPhone Webpage Development
Project Personnel: Radha Kuskuntla, Jiong Xie, Shu Yin, Kiranmai Bellam, Karthik Vemula