Animal Adaptation Project

Animal Adaptation Project
It is the year 3000 and technology allows us to create new planets with specific habitats.
These planets will host life that will not be disrupted by humans. Furthermore, new
organisms can be created to live on these planets. These new creatures must have specific
adaptations in order to thrive, or they will become extinct quite rapidly. YOU are the
scientist that is created this new world.
These are the items that must be in the project. All areas must be researched and thought
out to earn maximum credit.
1. Habitat/ecosystem – Here are some examples: Ocean, desert, tundra, mountains,
forest, rainforest, swamps. Be sure to research these habitats and provide as much
information about the one you choose as possible.
2. Organisms – List and give information on 7-10 (you can do more than 10, but not
less than 7) organisms that live in the habitat you have chosen. This should be
factual information. Give a brief description of each organism. Organisms can be
plants or animals.
3. Your organism – This is where it gets fun. Create a new organism that will live in
the habitat you have chosen. This organism CANNOT be at the top of the food
chain. In other words, it has to fear being eaten by another organism within your
habitat. Due to this fact, explain the specific adaptations your organism has to
protect itself from being eaten. Also explain the adaptations your organism has for
getting food.
4. You must also draw up a proper food web for the organisms living in the habitat
of your new planet.
5. Lastly, please provide a visual of your organism living in the habitat you have
chosen. The visual can be a drawing or a diorama.
NO POWERPOINT style presentations.