10th Grade World Civilization Course Syllabus

8th Grade Government & Economics Course Syllabus
Teacher Ms. Bloomfield
Phone: 674-8165
Email: Michelle.Bloomfield@bath.kyschools.us
Course Description
This course will be divided into two different topics within social sciences: government and economics. The first 4 ½ weeks of
the course will be government. Government is the principle for how people have attempted to establish order and rules
throughout their society. The majority of the government lessons will focus on state and local government and constitutional
amendments beyond the Bill of Rights. The second half of the course will be economics. Economics deals with the
production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Students should be able to relate all of the course content to
real life situations.
Students are required to have a separate notebook or three-ring binder to promote organization. Notes are to be kept
separate from notes in other classes. The teacher strongly encourages students to have their own art boxes.
Text & Other Resources
United States History: Beginnings to 1877
Civics: Participating in Government
We the People
KCCT Test Coach
Living Constitution
Decisions, Decisions
* A textbook will not be issued for this course. However, students are encouraged to check out texts as they are needed.
Academic Honesty
Students may be encouraged to help each other with assignments or homework. However, copying or cheating is not accepted.
Students will not be allowed to communicate during tests, unless otherwise directed. Should academic honesty be a problem,
students will be forced to completely repeat the assignment completely on their own under the close supervision of the teacher.
The principal will be made aware of the situation.
Methods of Instruction
I will use various methods of instruction. I hope this will help keep the class interesting and fun for the students, while
learning at the same time. Activities that may be used include: lecture/discussion, small group assignments, library/Internet
researches, and student/group presentations. Technologies that may be used include: Prezi, PowerPoint, video/DVD, Internet,
iPad, etc. Assessments that may be used include: group presentations, exams, bell ringers, writings, Open Ended Responses,
worksheets, graphing activities, and announced/unannounced quizzes.
The teacher will use standards based grading for all student grades. Tests on learning targets will be given every 2-4 weeks
depending on the length of the unit. Students can earn a grade of 1, 2, 2.5 or 3 (Mastery) of the content. Multiple opportunities
will be given for students to redo and makeup work so that they can reach mastery of all content.
Students will retake an exam once in class. All students that do not have 3’s on any portion of the exam will be required to
retake. Afterward all retakes are the students’ responsibility. Makeup exams beyond the second exam will be completed on the
student’s time: in the morning prior to breakfast, at the end of the day during dismissal, during break, or lunch.
59% and below F
Course Outline
Week 1
o Forms of Government
o US Government
Week 2
o Federalism
o Branches of Government
Week 3
o State & Local Government
o Bill of Rights
Week 4
o Amendments 13th, 14th, 15th , 24th, 26th Amendments
o Supreme Court Decisions
Week 5
o Government Exam
o Types of Economic Systems: Traditional, Command, Market, Mixed
Week 6
o Production, Distribution, and Consumption
o Scarcity
o Opportunity Cost
Week 7
o Money
Week 8
o Supply and Demand
o Interdependence
o Specialization
Week 9
o Economics Exam