Bill Nye Chemical reactions

Bill Nye Chemical reactions
Everything is made of chemicals
Chemicals react to form new chemicals
Examples – metals rust, stomach growls, candle burns
Chemicals reactions happen when electrons hook together
H2O water – 2 parts H, 1 part O
O is makes iron rust and blood turn red
Fe + O glow orange
If placed in a plastic chamber energy is given off b/c electrons are recombining
with other electrons to form new substance/s
H2 + O2 produces H2O
a lot of energy is given off
Put pennies in a jar add vinegar and T of slat. Shake jar – What happens to pennies?
Grime is removed in chemical reactions
Fire - chemicals mix with 02 in air---- gives off heat
Putting out a fire with CO2 fire extinguisher is a chemical reaction
Take an empty jar with lid. Poke a hole in the lid. Add baking soda to the water. Put
vinegar in smaller container. Place in large jar. Place straw in the hole you made.
Vinegar and baking soda react together and give off carbon dioxide. This puts out a fire.
Na and Cl are poisons
Put Na in water – bursts into flames
Cl is a poisonous gas.
Together they combine to make salt.
Fire works are a chemical reaction
Metals cause twinkle
Salt provides color
Balloon - plastic bottle
200 ml of vinegar
add ab 25 mL of baking soda into the balloon
put the balloon on the lid of the bottle as shown on the video’
the balloon fills with CO2 – This si an exothermic reaction
There are 92 naturally occurring elements on the periodic table
Basketball injuries – use cold packs an endothermic reaction. It absorbs or takes in