Alistair Gibson - Earlswood Vets

Ali stair Gibson
Associate Veterinary Surgeon
Alistair graduated from Dublin University in
1986, and started his career working in
England. He has been with the team at
Earlswood from 2006, accepting referrals in
cardio-respiratory medicine and surgery,
multisystem ultrasonography and vascular
anomalies. Alistair has served as president of
the North of Ireland Veterinary Association.
Alistair has pioneered the development of
interventional surgery (minimally-invasive
treatment of a variety of vascular disorders
using fluoroscopic guidance) in Ireland. The
services he offers include balloon
valvuloplasty, amplatz insertion to treat
patent ductus arteriosus and intrahepatic
Alistair studied cardiology in Ontario
Veterinary College and at Cornell. He has
over 20 years of experience in
cardio-respiratory medicine and regularly
provides CPD to vets, nurses and breeders in
Ireland, the UK and Europe. He is an external
consultant for UCO.
Alistair's ultrasonography skills extend to
most body systems and he is proficient in
guided biopsy techniques. He has been
trained in laparoscopy and thoracoscopy and
provides a comprehensive range of
minimally invasive diagnostic and surgical
procedures. Alistair is available for advice
and ECG interpretation via telephone or
www. earlswoodvets. corn