Where to get independent financial advice factsheet

Where to get independent financial advice
If you want to speak to someone about money there are plenty of places
from which to get advice. Having independent advice about products,
services or how resolve problems has to be better than relying on someone
who may earn commission by pointing you towards particular service
providers or products.
If you don’t read print, ask for the information that you are requesting in the
format that you prefer. It’s important that you have this information to refer
back to should you need it.
General advice
The “Money Advice Service”, a free and independent service set up by the
Government, may be able to help with queries on a range of money related
Offers information on a range of subjects including:
 how to cope with changing circumstances, like a sudden drop in income
 getting the most out of your budget
 saving for a special event or a rainy day
 borrowing wisely
 understanding tax and welfare benefits.
When the Money Advice Service doesn’t have the answers, it will help you to
find them elsewhere. This will include signposting you to specialist advice on
debt or pensions or to regulated financial advice.
How to contact the Money Advice Service
Helpline: 0300 500 5000 (8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday – calls charged at a
local rate).
For general advice on money you can contact your local Citizens Advice
Bureau. Call 020 7833 2181 to find the one closest to you.
Your bank
Why not speak to your bank? They will have information on products and
services that may suit customers with different needs.
Independent financial advice
If you need professional advice about managing your money – for example
on investments, mortgages, life insurance – look for an independent financial
adviser who will not be tied to a particular company and who is authorised
through the Personal Investment Agency.
To find an independent money advice centre near you contact the Money
Advice Association on 01476 59 49 70. Alternatively contact IFA Promotions
on 0117 971 1177 who will give you details of three local registered
independent financial advisers.
If you have any complaints or queries, contact the FSA Helpline on 0845 606
1234 (calls charged at local rates).
Has your life changed?
There is help and advice available to you whenever you are facing life
changes; whether through becoming a parent, unemployed, ill or retired for
example. If your life has changed and you need advice on your financial
situation, the help to which you may be entitled and where to get support
contact the Money Advice Service on 0300 500 5000 or visit
Advice on borrowing money
If you’d like to borrow money there are a number of different ways in which to
do this. You could take out a personal loan, an overdraft, credit cards, store
cards, a hire purchase agreement or could borrow money through other
It is always best to seek advice on which option suits you based on your
circumstances and the amount of money you wish to borrow. For more
information contact the Money Advice Service.
Similarly, if you have borrowed money and would like advice please also
contact the Money Advice Service.
Debt management
If you are worried about debt, the National Debtline on 0808 808 4000 at
www.nationaldebtline.co.uk will give free advice. The Consumer Credit
Counselling Service can also provide a free debt management plan – call free
on 0800 138 1111.
Consumer Direct
Consumer Direct is a government-funded, impartial organisation. It can:
 provide pre-shopping advice before you buy goods or services
 explain your consumer rights
 advise you if you have a problem or disagreement with a trader
 explain consumer-related issues such as warranties, buying on credit,
internet shopping, refunds etc
 provide advice on avoiding trading scams and rip-offs refer your case to
your local authority Trading Standards Services or similar agency.
Call 0845 404 0506 or visit www.direct.gov.uk/consumer
This factsheet is one of a series:
 Bank and building society accounts and banking
 Debt
 Who do you buy your services from and how do you pay for them?
 Where to get independent financial advice
 Know your rights
 Financial products
 Current sources of financial information.
RNIB has produced a booklet “Managing your money” which gives general
information about financial matters and details of where to find further advice.
For copies of the booklet or factsheets please contact the RNIB Helpline on
0303 123 9999.
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