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LOCAL Foods & LOCAL Spirits
Otsego County and a 50-mile Radius
Otsego 2000, Inc. (market@otsego2000.org)
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The object of this directory is to expand the network of local agricultural businesses. If you have
questions or wish to be listed next year, please contact Lyn Weir at the Cooperstown Farmers
Market 607.547-6195, market@otsego2000.org.
Otsego 2000, Inc. (market@otsego2000.org)
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LOCAL Foods & LOCAL Spirits
Local is defined as within a 50-mile radius from Cooperstown, NY
As demand for local products grows, this directory continues to promote connections between
the buyers and the sellers of food and beverage products. Contained is the following information:
A List of Farmers’ Markets operating in the 50-mile radius. There are 46 farmers
markets listed here with contact information and hours of operation.
Fresh local agricultural products are listed by season & product type.
Otsego County’s four farmers’ markets are located in Cooperstown, Morris,
Oneonta, and Richfield Springs. The markets are listed along with all their vendors,
by name with contact information and primary product line. There are 100 local
businesses represented.
Local agricultural producers in wholesale, U-Pic, farm stand, or CSA distribution
not listed with a Farmer’s Market, are listed here.
Local spirits utilize local agricultural ingredients. These businesses are also listed
with contact information and primary product line.
NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets licensed 20C agricultural food
processing facilities take many shapes. At one end of the spectrum are food product
kitchen incubators, at the other, farm co-packers. Listed here are the commercial
facilities available to food entrepreneurs in our 50-mile radius.
Directory Underwriters
Otsego 2000, Inc. (market@otsego2000.org)
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Local FARMERS’ MARKETS Visit a Farmers' Market near you! You will find
amazing and diverse agricultural products like seasonal produce, pastured meats, artisan cheeses,
bread, local milk, butter, eggs, honey, maple syrup, flour, cold-pressed oils, home-baked sweets
and treats, preserves, hand-made confections, cut flowers, herb plants, and garden starts to name
a few. NYS law includes farm-distilleries, with wineries, cideries and microbreweries as those
eligible to sell at farmers’ markets. Also at farmers’ markets are area artisans selling beeswax
candles, herbal lotions, soaps, wooden bowls, platters, cutting boards, hand-blown glass, yarns of
locally farmed wool and alpaca, hand-knit accessories AND MORE. Come see for yourself.
Otsego County FARMERS’ MARKETS are in the following communities:
Cooperstown, 101 Main St. in Pioneer Alley, Sat 9–2, Year-round;
Cooperstown, same location, Tue 12–5 for Jul & Aug. 607.547.6195
Morris, Main St. behind Firehouse, Thu 3-6, May-Oct. 607.263.2456
Oneonta, Main St. Plaza near Key Bank, Sat 9-1, May-Oct. 607.437.0158
Oneonta, Main St. Garage Walkway, Sat 9-1, Jan-May. 607.437.0158
Richfield Springs, Spring Park, Thu 2-6; Sat 8-1, Jun-Oct. 315.858.2703
Herkimer County Farmers’ Markets overlapping the 50-mile radius:
Dolgeville, N. Helmer Ave., municipal parking lot, Sat 8-12, May-Oct. 315.717.7710
Herkimer, 420 E. German St., Mon 1-5, Jun-Oct. 315.895.0138
Herkimer Early Birds, 105 N. Caroline St., Thu 9-1, Jun-Oct. 315.858.1625
Ilion, 437 Otsego St. (State Rt 51 S) Fri 12-6; Sat 10-5, Year-round. 315.894.4660
Little Falls, 505 E. Main St., Sat 8-12, May-Oct. 315.866.2619
Mohawk, 41 W. Main St., Wed 2-5, May-Oct. 315.866.1671
West Winfield, 452 E. Main St., Wed 4-7, Jun-Oct. 315.855.4256
Schoharie County Farmers' Markets overlapping the 50-mile radius:
Schoharie Co. Country Music Festival, 942 E. Main, Cobleskill, Wed 3-5, Jul-Oct.
Schoharie Fresh, 122 Rockland Lane, Cobleskill, Fri 2:30-6, Feb-Dec. 518.255.5294
Sharon Springs, Main St., across from Roseboro Hotel, Sat 9-1, Jun-Oct. 518.935-0940
Chenango County Farmers' Markets overlapping the 50-mile radius:
Norwich, East Park Place & Main St., Wed/Sat 9-1, Jun-Nov. 607.334.8310
Greene, 109 North Rd., Sat 10-6; Sun 12-6; Tue 3-6:30 Jun-Nov. 607.656.7319
Delaware County Farmers' Markets overlapping the 50-mile radius:
Delhi, Courthouse Square, Main St., Wed 9-2, Jun-Sep. 607.746.6897
Franklin, 15 Institute St., Sun 10-2, Jun – Oct. 607.821.5631
Hobart Village, 101 Maple Ave, Green Town Hall, Fri 4-7, Jun-Sep. 607.538.1092
Halcottsville, 46676 State Hwy 30, Pakatakan Market, Sat 9-2, May-Oct. 845.586.3326
Sidney, 89 Main St., Tue 10-2, Jul-Sep. 607.865.6531
Walton, 2 Titus Place, 1st & 3rd Wed, 10-2, Jul-Oct. 607.865.6531
Madison County Farmers' Markets overlapping the 50-mile radius:
Canastota, Hickory St & Main St., Sat 8:30-2, Jul-Oct. 315.697.9291
Hamilton, Broad St. & E. Broad St., Sat 8-1, May-Nov. 315.824.1111
Morrisville, Madison Hall, Rt. 20, Second floor, near Morrisville State College, 1st Sat 9-1,DecApr. 315.684.3402
Otsego 2000, Inc. (market@otsego2000.org)
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Oneida, Oneida St. & Williams St., Thu 9-5, Jun-Oct. 315.363.4308
Poolville, Willey Rd., Community Center, 2nd/4th Sat 10-12, Nov-Apr. 315.824.1720
Fulton County Farmers' Markets overlapping the 50-mile radius:
Gloversville, Elm St. Pavillion, Sat 8:30-12:30, May-Oct. 518.568.5764
Johnstown, City Park, W. Main, Tue 3-6, May-Oct. 518.863.5764
Montgomery County Farmers' Markets overlapping the 50-mile radius:
Amsterdam, Inman Center parking lot, Guy Park Ave., Fri 11-1, Jul-Oct. 518.863.6104
Amsterdam, Sanford Farms Complex, Rt. 30 N, Wed 3-6, May-Oct . 518.568.5764
Canajoharie – Palatine Bridge, 2 Erie Blvd., Sun 10-1, Jun-Oct. 518.922.5127
Fort Plain, 12 Willet St., Thu 2-5, May-Nov. 518.993.4271
Albany County Farmers' Markets overlapping the 50-mile radius:
Altamont, Free Library, Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri 11-6; Sat/Sun 10-2, Jul-Sep. 518.456.3150
Oneida County Farmers' Markets overlapping the 50-mile radius:
Clinton, West Park Row, Village Green Thu 10-4, Jun-Oct. 315.853.1735
City of Sherrill, 377 Sherrill Rd., Tue 12-5, Jun-Oct. 315.363.6525
Rome, 101 W. Dominick St., Fri 9-5, May-Nov. 315.335.6748
Trenton, Village Green, Holland Patent, Sat 9-1, Jun-Oct. 315.272.9529
Utica, Chancellor Park, Elizabeth St., Wed 8-5, Jun-Oct. 315.792.0114
Utica, inside Union Station, 2nd Sat 9-1, Year round. 315.798.5800
Vernon Center, Route 26, Vernon Center Park, Thu 12-5:30, Jun-Oct. 315.335.9635
Waterville, 206 White St, Wed 11-6, Jun-Oct. 315.750.5785
Westmoreland, Seymour's Diner, Route 233, Sun 10-2, May-Oct. 315.853.5901
Westmoreland, Fire House, Station Rd., 1st Sat 9-12, Nov-Apr. 315.853.5901
Whitesboro, Clinton & Main St., Mon 3-7, Jun-Oct, 315.736.1613
Local Products Available at the Farmers’ Markets
Farmers’ Markets are always introducing new products. For the latest details, please contact the
specific vendor. Agricultural products are listed here by product type and seasonal availability.
Spring Produce
Arugula, Asian greens, asparagus, baby beets, baby carrots, bok choi, broccoli, chard, Chinese
cabbage, chives, cilantro, garden peas, garlic scallions, garlic scapes, green garlic, greens,
lettuce, kale, mushrooms, oregano, parsley, parsnips, radicchio, radishes, ramps, rhubarb,
rosemary, salad greens, salad turnips, shallots, snow peas, sorrel, spinach, strawberries, sugar
snap peas, red cabbage, thyme, tomatoes (greenhouse)
Summer Produce
Arugula, Asian greens, basil, beets, blackberries, blueberries, radishes, bok choi, broccoli,
cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, chard, chives, raspberries, cilantro, collards, corn, cucumber, dill,
rosemary, eggplant, fennel, garlic, garlic scapes, green beans, kale, radicchio, kohlrabi, leeks,
lettuce, melons, napa cabbage, onions, greens, oregano, parsley, peaches, potatoes, salad greens,
Otsego 2000, Inc. (market@otsego2000.org)
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salad turnips, scallions, shell beans, spinach, strawberries, sugar snap peas, summer squash,
sweet peppers, thyme, tomatillos, tomatoes, wax beans, zucchini
Fall Produce
Acorn squash, apples, arugula, Asian greens, basil, beets, bok choi, broccoli, Brussels sprouts,
butternut squash, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chard, cilantro, corn, delicata squash, dill,
eggplant, garlic, green beans, greens, hot peppers, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, mustard greens, onions,
parsley, parsnips, potatoes, pumpkins, radicchio, raspberries, salad greens, scallions, shallots,
spinach, summer squash, sweet peppers, sweet potatoes, tomatillos, tomatoes, turnips, winter
Winter Produce (some stored, some fresh)
Acorn squash, apples, arugula, Asian greens, beets, bok choi, Brussels sprouts, butternut squash,
cabbage, carrots, delicata squash, garlic, Hubbard squash, kale, leeks, salad greens, spinach,
onions, parsnips, mushrooms, potatoes, shallots, sweet potatoes, turnips, winter squash,
Meat & Poultry
All cuts of pastured beef/veal, pork, lamb, venison, goat, rabbit, chicken, duck, and turkey (fall)
as well as some certified organic meats. Also sausages of every variety including some dry cured
smoked and country pate
Dairy & Eggs
Pasteurized glass bottled cow’s milk, cream, half and half; butter, farmstead cheeses, eggs
(chicken and duck), goat cheese, goat’s milk yogurt, goat’s milk confections
Natural Sweeteners
Honey, honeycomb, maple cream, maple sugar (granulated), maple syrup
From the Area’s Licensed Kitchens
Breads, pies, coffee cakes, cookies, pastries, holiday specialties, hand-made chocolates, maple
sugar candies, jams and jellies, pickles, salsa, tomato sauce, ravioli, a variety of frozen soups and
other prepared foods
Flowers & Herbs
Fresh cut bouquets or dried arrangements, potted plants, garden starts, greenery, herb gardens,
herbal soaps, lotions, decorative items, as well as culinary and medicinal products
Artisan Work
Wool, alpaca, and cashmere, raw fiber, yarns, hand-dyed wool and yarn, knitwear, woven items,
felted accessories, soft wool toys, candles, pottery, photographic note cards and framed art,
jewelry, clothing, doll’s clothing, baby clothing, and ladies’ accessories
Otsego 2000, Inc. (market@otsego2000.org)
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COOPERSTOWN Farmers’ Market.
Proudly sponsored by Otsego 2000 since 1991
101 Main Street in Pioneer Alley, Cooperstown, NY
www.CooperstownFarmersMarket.org 607.547.6195
SATURDAYS year round, May - Aug, 8-2; Sept – Dec, 9-2; Jan – Apr, 10-2
TUESDAYS Jul & Aug only, hours 12-5
Acrospire Farm, Ken and Kathleen White
5790 State Highway 51, Burlington Flats, NY 13315
607.965.8531, acrospire1@gmail.com
Fresh produce, pork, beef, chicken, eggs, baked goods
Adirondack Distilling Company, Anita Elwell
601 Varick St., Utica, NY 13502
315.316.0387, anita@adirondackdistilling.com
Ark Floral, The Kennedy Family
157 Pleasant Valley Road, Mt. Vision, NY 13810
607.293.8128, megkennedy3@gmail.com
Potted plants and fresh cut flowers
Berry Brook Farm, Patrick Hennebery and Eleanor Blakeslee-Drain
PO Box 182, Hamden, NY 13782
607.267.0184, berrybrookfarmorganic@gmail.com
Herbs and vegetables
Black Cat Bakery, Antony Daou
195 Main Street, Sharon Springs, NY 13455
518.284.2575, tony@Blackcat-ny.com
Layer cakes, bread, side dishes and salads
Black Willow Pond Farm, Carrie Edsall
223 Hill Road, Cobleskill, NY 12043
518.823.4040, info@blackwillowpondfarm.com
Pastured poultry, eggs, pork, rabbit, and grass-fed lamb
Otsego 2000, Inc. (market@otsego2000.org)
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Blue Sky Farm, Russell Betz
779 Charcoal Road, Stanford, NY 12167
607.652.4712, russbetz@hughes.net
Blueberry wines, u-pick
Breezie Maples Farm, Larry Roseboom
2269 County Highway 34, Westford, NY 13488
info@breeziemaples.com www.breeziemaples.com
Variety of maple products including maple syrup, maple cream, and maple sugar
Byebrook Farms, Paul and Gwen Deysenroth
7531 County Highway 18, Bloomville, NY 13739
607.538.9796, gwendeysenroth@yahoo.com
Variety of Gouda cheeses
Clarkshire Farms, John and Pat Clark
324 Polly Miller Road, Mohawk, NY 13407
315.867.2121, bestmom324@yahoo.com www.clarkshirefarms.com
Lamb, lamb seasonings, custom cut whole or half lambs
Cooperstown Area Massage, Alison Phillips
189 Cemetery Road, Fly Creek, NY 13337
607.437.8539, alisonphil@gmail.com
10-minute chair massage
Cooperstown Distillery, Gene Marra, Rory Galleagher
11 Railroad Ave, Cooperstown, NY 13326
607.282.4246, Cooperstowndistillery@gmail.com
Gin, vodka and bourbon
Davis Blacksmith, Gary and Theresa Davis
107 Bittersweet Lane, Hartwick, NY 13348
928.274.0506, Gtdavis06@msn.com
Ironsmith crafts, & sharpening knives, scissors and garden tools
Dutchayr Fibers and Mimikis, Debra Jones-Dutcher and Naomi Graham
410 Crawford Road, Otego, NY 13825
607.263.5073, dutchayr@frontiernet.net, mimikis.woolybears@gmail.com
Handspun wool, hand- crafted soft toys and wearables
Dye Wear, Tracey Lippitt
P.O. Box 219, Fly Creek, NY 13337
607.547.9403, Tulipgal007@gmail.com
Hand-dyed wearables
Otsego 2000, Inc. (market@otsego2000.org)
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Fokish Breads, Hank Stahler & Katarina Isaksson
351 County Highway 14, Franklin, NY 13775
607.829-2721, Fokish@citlink.net
Variety of organic handmade breads, rolls and sweet breads
Gaia’s Breath Farm, Mark and Paul Santoro, Christina Chiacchia
219 Forrest Road, Jordanville, NY 13361
315.823.4299, mtoro@wildblue.net, www.gaiasbreathfarm.com
Organic produce, pastured pork, poultry, veal, cured and smoked meats, pasta, CSA farmshare
GlimmerGlass Alpacas, Lynn Deichman
1409 County Highway 26, Fly Creek, NY 13337
607.547.5336, deichman@mac.com, www.glimmerglassalpacas.com
Alpaca fiber, yarn, and wearables
Goldpetals, Ellen White Weir
539 Christian Hill Road, Cooperstown, NY 13326 (Barn Location)
607.547.8425, goldpetals@oecblue.com www.goldpetals.com
Calendula flowers grown for hand-crafted healing salves and creams
Hand Knits, Mary Marx
106 Pioneer Street, Cooperstown, NY 13326
607.547.5241, mrymrx@yahoo.com
Fine hand knit wool and cotton wearables
Hare and Feather Farm, Karen Bouton
148 Lull Hill Road, Laurens, NY 13796
Chicken, rabbit, goat, and variety of sausages, eggs, goat milk fudge
Heller’s Farm, Seth Heller
1157 County Road 39, Bainbridge, NY 13733
607.316.2251, Hellerfarm@hotmail.com
Fresh produce, pickles, jam, salsa, chicken and CSA Farmshare
The Herb Cupboard, Sherri and Bob Byrne
P.O. Box 375, Fort Plain, NY 13339
Potted herbs and perennials, dried flower crafts and sachets
Highland Farm, Werner and Ingrid Vigh
851 Hayner Road, Richfield Springs, NY 13439
315.858.1049, redstagfarm@yahoo.com
Farm-raised venison, antlers
Otsego 2000, Inc. (market@otsego2000.org)
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Hill Top Creamery, Leo and Valerie Reasen
1232 Davies Rd, Fort Plain, NY 13339
518.542.7655, Hilltopcreamery@yahoo.com
Sheep and cow milk, farmers cheese, feta cheese, yogurt
His Majesty’s Handiwork, Mary K. Harvard
P.O. Box 171, Westford, NY 13488
607.638.9373, lansingal@yahoo.com
Color photographic note cards of the region
Italian Cookie Home, Larry and Marion Giannone
1011 South American Road, Worcester, NY 12197
607.397.8432, cplarmart@aol.com
Home baked goods, prepared foods
Kymer Farm Distillery, Ken and Lori Wortz, Christy Dahms
P.O.Box 72, Charlotteville, NY 12036
518.290.0051, lori.wortz@kymer.com
Schoharie Mapple Jack and Schoharie Shine
Lapps Produce, Amos Lapp
437 State Route 170A, Little Falls, NY 13365
Fresh produce
Laura’s Chocolates, Laura Haney
2060 Otego Road, Franklin, NY 13775
607.829.5625, lauraschocolatesandcakes@frontiernet.net
Handmade Chocolates
Le Marais Chocolat, Leslie Berliant101 Hade Hollow Rd, Cooperstown, NY 13326
310.403.1221, leslie@lemaraischocolat.com
Organic chocolate truffles, gluten-free and vegan baked goods
L’ouvriere Candle Studio, Susan Riesen
653 County Highway 40, Charlotteville, NY 12036
607.397.8009, mail@louvriere.com
Handmade pure beeswax candles
Mappy Oakley, Martha Oakley
2342 County Highway 31, Cooperstown, NY 13326
607.422.0303, mappyacorn@gmail.com
Handmade stick puppets and children’s toys
Otsego 2000, Inc. (market@otsego2000.org)
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Middlefield Orchard, Willy and Joan Bruneau
2274 State Highway 166, Cooperstown, NY 13326
607.547.8212, middlefieldorchard@wildblue.net, www.middlefieldorchard.com
Apples, peaches, pears, berries, baked goods, jams and jellies, honey products, CSA farmshare
Mill Hollow Maple, Brian Ryther
423 Myers Mills Road, Mt. Vision, NY 13810
607.263.2456, info@millhollowmaple.com www.millhollowmaple.com
Maple syrup, maple cream, and other maple products
Mountain View Dairy, Daniel and Rachel Byler
335 Filburn Road, Richfield Springs, NY 13439
Variety of cow’s milk cheeses, pastured beef and pork, eggs
Nectar Hills Farm, Sonia Sola and Dave Dutton
393 Peters Road, Schenevus, NY 12155
607.638.5758, soniasola@mindspring.com www.nectarhillsfarm.com
Grassfed lamb, beef, pasture-raised pork, goat, poultry, eggs, honey, organic produce, apple cider
and apple cider vinegar, sheep and cow hides, and fleece goods
Painted Goat Farm, Ilyssa Berg and Javier Flores
371 Mittedorf Rd, Garrattsville, NY 13342
607.321.3191, ilyssa@paintedgoat.com www.paintedgoat.com
Variety of goat’s milk cheeses, yogurt, chocolates, goat meat, eggs, and ramps
Painter’s Farm, Tracy Helgeson
116 Donlon Road, Fly Creek, NY 13337
607.547.2766, tracyhelgeson@hughes.net
Goats milk soap, beeswax based hand cream, lip balm, honey and original art
Raindance Farm, Siobhan Griffin, Dale Higgins, Keira Higgins
2454 County Highway 35, Schenevus, NY 12155
607.286.9362, raindance@baka.com
Organic cheeses, organic beef, veal, pork, eggs, and apples
Shadbush Farm, Eric and Fran Forster
431/437 Pope Road, Richfield Springs, NY 13439
607.547.9083, pemdor63@gmail.com
Organic, locally grown wheat for fruit pies, fresh produce, and eggs
Smyth/Cid Pottery, Davis Smyth and Judy Cid
1011 Kzyszrkill Road, Middleburgh, NY 12122
518.827.8073, dldmith@midtel.net
Mugs, bowls, vases, teapots and casserole dishes
Otsego 2000, Inc. (market@otsego2000.org)
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Summers End Orchard, Joanne Sharkey and Gregory Meyding
198 Wilbur Hill Road, Unadilla, NY 13849
607.783.2640, summersend@frontiernet.net
Produce, jams and jellies, herb rubs, preserved vegetables, and fresh beans
Surprise In Store, Molly Holtje
P.O. Box 824, Cooperstown, NY 13326
Hand sewn children’s clothing, doll clothes, and accessories
The Taste of Britain, Perry Owen
162 Hoag Road, Norwich, NY 13815
607.336.3333, pvowen@roadrunner.com
Baked goods, beverages
MORRIS Farmers’ Market.
Guy Rathbun Park, 117 W Main St., Morris, NY 13808
Behind the Firehouse. 607.263.2456 or 607.263.5423
THURSDAY May 30 to October 10 from 3-6pm
Wintergreen Gardens and Kitchen, Margaret (Peg) Dunbar
213 Pool Brook Road, Laurens, NY 13796
607.432.8063, wintergreen2010@gmail.com
Bread, snacks, bird houses, veggies
Painted Goat Farm, LLC, Ilyssa Berg & Javier Flores
371 Mittedorf Road, Garrattsville, NY 13342
607.321.3191, ilyssa@paintedgoat.com
A variety of fresh and aged goat cheese, as well as goats milk caramel sauce
Sugar Ridge Farm, Kristina Shields
104 Parker Road, New Lisbon, NY 13415
607.263.5203, kshields@pronetisp.net
Veggies, baked goods
Shacktown Mountain Soap
290 Wells Road, S. New Berlin, NY 13843
607.263.2230, jfrye@frontiernet.net
Soaps and lotions
Otsego 2000, Inc. (market@otsego2000.org)
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Strawberry & Vine LLC
91 Broad Street, Morris, NY 13808
607.263.5050, nancy@strawberryandvine.com
Baked goods
Mill Hollow Maple, Brian Ryther
423 Myers Mills Road, New Lisbon, NY 13415
607.263.2456, info@millhollowmaple.com
Pure maple products
Fox Falls Farm, Ed Lentz
3713 St Hwy 51, New Lisbon NY 13415
607.434.8121, ed@foxfallsfarm.com
Flour, bread mix, pancake mix, pork, beef, lamb
Salsa and hand-made knitted items
Earth’s Harvest Farm, Paul Koch
2835 State Hwy. 51, Morris, NY 13808
607.263.5536, pj@earthsharvestfarm.com
Certified organic veggies, eggs, porridge, honey
Coyote Creek, Denise Tims
South Brook Field, NY 13314
Turkey, chicken, eggs, wool
ONEONTA Farmers’ Market.
Main St. Plaza near Key Bank, Oneonta, NY
Sat 9-1, May-Oct
Main St. Garage Walkway
Sat 9-1, Jan - May
ARK Floral, Meg Kennedy
157 Pleasant Valley Road, Mt. Vision, NY 13810
607.293.8829, megkennedy3@gmail.com
Cut flower bouquets and potted plants
Berry Brook Farm, Patrick Hennebery and Eleanor Blakeslee
1738 Freer Hollow Rd, Walton, NY 13856
607.267.0184, berrybrookfarmorganic@gmail.com
Certified Organic Vegetables
Otsego 2000, Inc. (market@otsego2000.org)
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Big Sky Farm, Vali and Merybeth Vargha
1088 Co Hwy 34, Schenevus, NY 12155
607.638.9016, mvvargha@gmail.com; www.bigskyfarm.org
Honey, CSAs, Eggs, Seedlings, Flowers, Heirloom Vegetables, Garlic, Herbs
Breezie Maples Farm, Larry Roseboom
2269 County Hwy 34, Westford, NY 13488
607.638.9317, www.BreezieMaples.com
Certified organic maple creams and syrups, maple nuts, mustard, candy and pepper
Cooperstown Candle Company, Connie Hotaling and Ivan VanDewerker
Cooperstown, NY 13326
Candles, handmade toys, woodcrafts
Deming Hydro-Farm, James Deming
595 Gifford Hill Road, Oneonta, NY 13820
Vegetables, strawberries, and variety of baking, carving and mini-pumpkins
Hare and Feather Farm, Karen and Fred Bouton
148 Lull Hill Rd., Laurens, NY 13796
Colored Arucana and brown Golden Comet poultry
Heller’s Farm, Seth Heller
1157 County Road 39, Bainbridge, NY 13733
607.316.2251, Hellerfarm@hotmail.com
Fresh produce, pickles, jam, salsa, chicken and CSA Farmshare
Middlefield Orchard, Willie & Joan Bruneau
2274 State Hwy 166, Cooperstown, NY 13326
607.547.8212, middlefieldorchard@wildblue.net, www.MiddlefieldOrchard.com
Apples, apple cider, cider, syrup, jams and jellies, baked goods, and berries
Mulligan Creek Acres, Tanya Moyer
1181 East Lykers Rd., Sprakers, NY 12166
518.673.4242, mulligancreekacres@live.com; www.mulligancreekacres.com
Purebred Berkshire pork raised on local grains, non-gmo corn, milk, hay and vegetables
Naturally Speaking, Fred and Sue Powell
2768 State Highway 7, Otego, NY 13825
Organic vegetables, berries, and flowers
Otsego 2000, Inc. (market@otsego2000.org)
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Sherman Hill Farmstead, Linda Smith and Morgan George
9626 County Highway 21, Franklin, NY
607.829.8852, shermanhillcheese@live.com
Goats milk products, goat and cow cheeses
Simply Sweets
607.267.1807, www.simplysweets.com
Gourmet baked goods, specialty cakes, cheesecakes, cup cakes, cookies, pies and more. All
homemade available on-site and made to order
Stone & Thistle Farm, Tom and Denise Warren
1211 Kelso Road, East Meredith, NY 13757
607.278.5773, Warren@StoneandThistleFarm.com, www.StoneandThistleFarm.com
Grass-fed meats, poultry, eggs, goat milk cheese and goat milk fudge
Tauzel Farms, John Tauzel
129 Muehl Rd., Schenevus, NY 12155
607.434.5691, tauzpop@hotmail.com
USDA Pastured all-natural beef, sweet corn, raspberries and pumpkins
You're So Sweet Baking Company, Heather Pikul
15 Shepherd Ave., Oneonta, NY 13820
315.941.3471, moonlilyx@aim.com
Baked goods, scones, granola, biscuits, and artisanal breads, such as ciabatta, challah, gouda, ale
bread, and sweet breads
Spring Park, 315.858.2703
THURSDAYS Jun – Oct from 2-6
SATURDAYS Jun-Oct from 8-1
The Mercantile Greenhouse, Ron & Carole Bayzon
235 Dropp Road, Richfield Springs, NY 13439
315.858.2703, mercantilegh@hotmail.com bayzonrd@gmail.com
Bedding plants & vegetables in season
Byler’s Baked Goods, Leroy Byler
293 VanAlstine Rd., Jordanville, NY 13361
Hollywood Enterprises, Holly and Jason Pullis
575 McShane Rd., Richfield Springs, NY 13439
315.858.0259, hollypullis@gmail.com
Otsego 2000, Inc. (market@otsego2000.org)
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Hugick Farm, Paul & Veronica Hugick
426 Hugick Road, Richfield Springs, NY 13439
Fruits, vegetables and maple syrup
Trifecta Farm, Jeff Clemisaw
510 Engleville Rd., Sharon Springs, NY 13459
518.813.0219, trifectafarm@yahoo.com
Waiontha Farm, Quintin (Skip) Butler
7606 State Hwy. 28, Richfield Springs, NY 13439
315.717.6161, buttsbog@stny.rr.com
Jams, jelly and vegetables in season
Cozy Haven Farm, John Skinner
1237 McKoons Road, Richfield Springs, NY 13439
Sweet corn, pumpkins & winter squash, apples, free range chickens & eggs
Maple Lane Farm, Dan & Teresa Sullivan
585 Richfield Hill Road, Richfield Springs, NY 13439
315.822.3831, Dans4900@yahoo.com
Honey products, cheese, berries, vegetables and eggs
Alex Terenov
39 Sylvan St., Richfield Springs, NY 13439
Homegrown Designs, Barbara Weloth
194 Stabenon Rd., Canajoharie, NY 13317
Produce, berries, eggs, perennials, wreaths and Fall decorations
not currently with a Farmers’ Market but selling locally
as retail farm stores, U Pick’em, CSAs, and wholesale to restaurants, healthfood stores, B&Bs,
and grocers.
Arcadian Pastures, Sloansville, NY, arcadianpastures@hotmail.com, 518.339.6076, pork, beef,
lamb, chicken
Beekman 1802 Farm, Sharon Springs, NY, www.beekman1802.com
Variety of products including goats milk cheese, cheesecake, and ice cream
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Breadfellows, Andes, NY, www.bread-fellows.com/breads.html
Variety of artisan breads, health food stores
Brovetto’s Dairy & Cheese House, Jefferson, NY, cheese@harpersfieldcheese.com,
607.278.6622, Tilsit Style Cheese
Cooperstown Cheese Company, Milford, NY www.cooperstowncheesecompany.com
Variety of artisan cheeses, on-site shop
Damin Farm, Johnsville, NY, daminfarm@frontiernet.net, 518.568.2643, vegetables, pumpkins,
garlic, maple syrup, beef, chicken, eggs
Duncraven Farms Dairy, Fort Plain, NY, www.duncravenfarmsdairy.com, 518.913.2250
Glass bottled milk, half and half, cream, and sweet cream butter
Dutch Girl Cheese, Leonardsville, NY, dutchgirlcheese@gmail.com, 315.750.5152, A variety
of Goats milk cheese
Farmers Place, New Berlin, NY, 607.847.8234
Cured Meats
Flying Rabbit Farm, Otego, NY, www.eatwellguide.org/listing/detail
Wholesale organic produce and vegetable starts
Free Bird Farm, Palatine Bridge, NY, www.freebirdorganicfarm.com, 518.673.8822
Certified organic vegetables, fruits, herbs and CSA farmshare.
Goat Sheep Shop, Delhi, NY, www.goatsheepshop.com, 917.488.1015
Yarn, wool blankets, rugs, lamb skins, goat hides, felted articles, accessories
Hickory Hill Smokehouse, Delanson, NY, www.hickoryhillsmokehouse.com, 518.857.6048,
Cured and Smoked Meats
Ingall’s Blueberry U-Pick, Milford, NY, 607.547.2600, Organic Blueberries
Ingales Maple Products, Richfield Springs, NY, www.ingalesmapleproducts.com,
315.858.0368, Maple products
Jake’s Gouda Farmhouse Cheese, Deansboro, NY, www.jakesgoudacheese.com
315.841.4072 Aged farmhouse gouda cheese
Jones Family Farm, Herkimer, NY, www.anotherjonesfamilyfarm.com, 315.866.4164
Fresh and Aged Goat, Cow and Sheep Cheeses
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Larry’s Custom Meats, Hartwick, NY, LarrysCustomMeats@yahoo.com, 607.293.7927
USDA Meat Processor, also cured and smoked meats
Lucky Dog Farm, Hamden, NY, www.luckydogorganic.com
607.746.8383. Organic produce farm, café, and a local food hub
Mihulka Farms, Richfield Springs, NY, 315.717.9365; Chicken and produce
Olli's Farm, Hartwick, NY, www.facebook.com/Ollis-Handcrafted-Cultured-Butter
A variety of flavored handcrafted cultured butter
Ortensi Farm, Richfield Springs, NY, www.theortensifarm.com, 315.858.2634, Grass-fed beef,
turkeys, wheat berries, ground wheat, chickens, eggs
Poplar Hedge Farm, West Winfield, NY, www.facebook.com, 315.822.3416
Flavored Goat Cheese, Feta and Havarti
Quarter Moon, Delhi, NY, www.quartermooncafe.com, 607.746.8886, Sausage
Samuel Horst, Cherry Valley, NY, 607.264.953; Vegetables and herbs
Savvy Beast Treats, Bloomville, NY, www.savvybeasttreats.com, 607.538.9019
Healthy dog biscuits
Schoharie Valley Farms, Schoharie, NY, www.schoharievalleyfarms.com, 518.295.7139
fresh produce
Sproutopia, Cherry Valley, NY, sproutopiagirl@gmail.com, 607.427.2275
Grass and vegetable sprout mixes
Star Route Farm, Charlotteville, NY, 607.397.8009, starroutefarmny@gmail.com,
Vegetables and heirloom grains
Tanner Hill Herb Farm, Cooperstown, NY, Kathryn.mollach39@gmail.com, 607.282.2472
Pottery and fresh cut herbs
Tauzel Farms, Schenevus, NY, tauzpop@hotmail.com, 607.434.5691
Pastured beef, sweet corn, pumpkins, raspberries
Three Village Cheese, Poland, NY, www.threevillagecheese.com, 315.794.9545,
Semi-soft and Hard Cheeses, Assorted Havarti, Beer-Washed and Blue Veined Cheeses
Toonie Moonie Organics, Ltd., Oneonta, NY, www.tooniemoonie.com, 607.437.9609
Organic Nostalgic Confections
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Wally Wood Shop, Franklin, NY, wallywoodshopper@gmail.com, 607.829.6545
Wooden cutting boards and serving platters, local woods
Wellington Herbs & Spices, Schoharie, NY, www.wellingtonherbsandspices.com,
518.295.7366, organic herbs and spices
Wild Flower Farm, Delhi, NY, www.wfftilapia.com
Hydroponics and aquaculture system produce vegetables and tilapia
Windecker’s Grassy Knoll Beef, Schuyler, NY, www.localharvest.org/windeckers
Pastured beef
You’re So Sweet! Baking Company, Oneonta, NY, www.facebook.com, 315.941.3471
Cakes, cookies, infused sugars, granola, scones
V. Local Spirits and Beverages
There is a growing variety of local beverages being produced by Cideries, Wineries, Breweries
and Distilleries using local ingredients.
Adirondack Distilling Company, Anita Elwell
601 Varick St., Utica, NY 13502
315.316.0387, anita@adirondackdistilling.com
Bear Pond Winery, Mark & Brenda Lebo
2515 State Highway 28, Oneonta, NY 13820
607.643.0294, taste@bearpondwine.com
Variety of grape wines
Blue Sky Farm and Winery, Russ Betz
779 Charcoal Road, Stamford, NY 12167
607.652.4712, russbetz@hughes.net
Blueberry farm creating a variety of blueberry wines
Brewery Ommegang, Larry Bennett
656 County Highway 33, Cooperstown NY 13326-9248
607.544.1802, larry@ommegang.com, www.ommegang.com
Farmstead Brewry making Belgian-Style Beers
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Butternut Creek Brewery
4021 State Highway 51, Garratsville, NY 13342
607.263.5070, sales@butternutsbeerandale.com, www.butternutsbeerandale.com
Variety of Beers
Cooperstown Brewing Company
110 River Street, P.O. Box 276, Milford, NY 13807
607.286.9330 or 877.FINE ALE, www.cooperstownbrewing.com
Variety of Beers
Cooperstown Distillery, Gene Marra
11 Railroad Ave., Cooperstown, NY 13326
941.855.0526, Cooperstowndistillery@gmail.com, www.Cooperstowndistillery.com
Council Rock Brewery
4861 State Highway 28, Cooperstown, NY 13326
607.643.3016, councilrockbrewery@gmail.com, www.Councilrockbrewery.com
Variety of Beers
Delaware Phoenix Distillery, Cheryl Lins
P.O.Box 245, 144 Delaware Street, Walton, NY 13856
607.865.5056, cheryllins@frontiernet.net, www.delawarepheonix.com
Absinthe and a variety of whiskey
Domhnall Vinyards & Winery LLC, John McDonnell
531 Shells Bush Road, Herkimer, NY 13350
315.868.3621, john@domhnallwine.com, www.domhnallwine.com
Selection of grape wines
Eminence Road Farm Winery, Jennifer Clark
3734 Eminence Road, Long Eddy, New York 12760
845.887.6280, jennifer@eminenceroad.com, www.eminenceroad.com, facebook
Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard, Inc., Brenda and Bill Michaels
288 Goose Street, Fly Creek, NY 13337
607.547.9692 or 800.505.MILL, info@flycreekcidermill.com, www.flycreekcidermill.com
Sweet cider, hard cider, sparkling cider, ice wine
Good Nature Brewing, Carrie and Matt
37 Milford St. #3, Hamilton, NY 13346
315.824.1560, info@goodnaturebrewing.com, www.goodnaturebrewing.com
Variety of Beers
Otsego 2000, Inc. (market@otsego2000.org)
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Harvest Moon Cidery, Critz Farms
3232 Rippleton Rd., Cazenovia, NY 13035
315.662.3355, info@critzfarms.com, www.critzfarms.com
Cider, hard cider
Hummingbird Hills Winery, Ken and Kimm Schick
1442 Burtonville Road, Fultonville, NY 12072
518.875.6919 , service@hummingbirdhillswinery.com, www.hummingbirdhillswinery.com
Kymar Farm Winery and Distillery, Ken and Lori Wortz
P.O.Box 72, Charlotteville, NY 12036
518.290.0051, lori.wortz@kymer.com, facebook
Schoharie Mapple Jack and Schoharie Shine
Magpie Farms Winery, Steve Merr
1849 State Highway 41, Bainbridge NY 13733
607.639.4400, www.magpiemead.com Facebook
Honey wine, Mead
Owera Vineyards, Nancy Muserlian
5276 East Lake Road, Cazenovia, NY 13035
315-815-4311, info@oweravineyards.com, www.oweravineyards.com
Selection of Grape Wines
Rustic Ridge Winery, Bennett Family
2805 State Highway 80, Burlington Flats NY 13315
607.965.0626, rusticridgewine@yahoo.com, www.Rusticridgewinery.com
Selection of Grape Wines
Windham Vineyards and Winery, Doug
11 Mt View Estates Rd, Windham, NY 12496
518.734.5214, windhamvaw@gmail.com]
Selection of Grape Wines
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VI. Agricultural Food Processing Facilities
There is a growing need for preparation facilities for the new or expanding food entrepreneur.
These facilities provide a variety of preparation, packaging, freezing, canning and testing
opportunities for the growing local foods industry.
Battenkill Kitchen, Salem, NY, 518.854.3032
Cooperstown Cheese Company, Milford, NY, 978.257.4635
Cornell University Food Research Lab, Geneva, NY, 315.787.2273
Damin Farms, St Johnsville, NY, 518-568.2643
Hometown Foods, LLC, Kinderhook, NY, 518.758.7342
Larry’s Custom Meats, Inc., USDA, Hartwick, NY, 607.293.7927
Leaf, Loaf and Ladle at RCiL, Utica, NY, 315.624.2528
Lucky Dog Farms, Hamden, NY, 607.746.8383
Martin’s Kitchen, Dundee, NY, 607.243.8197
MOS Delicious, Sharon Springs, 518.284.3421
Nelson Farms, Morrisville, NY, 315.655.8831x3
Syracuse Community Test Kitchen, Syracuse, NY, 315.443.8466
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Thank You to Our Underwriters:
Alex & Ika, Cooperstown, 607.547.4070
Ashley-Connor Realty, Cooperstown, 607.547.4045
American Hotel, Sharon Springs, 518.284.2105
Blue Mingo Grill, Cooperstown, 607.547.7496
Brewery Ommegang, Cooperstown, 607.544.1802
Cooperstown Bed & Breakfast, Cooperstown, 607.437.2245
Cooperstown Natural Foods, Cooperstown, 607.547.8613
Cooperstown Wine & Spirits, Cooperstown, 607.547.8100
Doubleday Café, Cooperstown, 607.547.5468
Fly Creek Diner, Fly Creek, 607.765.0399
Knull Group, Cooperstown, NY 607.643.4500
Lake Front Hotel, Cooperstown, 607.547.9511
LM Townsend Catering, Cooperstown, 607.547.8877
Olli’s Market, Cooperstown, 607.547.0800
Origins Café, Cooperstown, 607.437.2862
Otesaga, Cooperstown, 800.348.6222
Otsego County Conservation Association, Cooperstown, 607.547.4488
Otsego County Land Trust, Cooperstown, 607.547.2366
Otsego County Tourism, Oneonta, 607.643.0059
Redneck BBQ, Cooperstown, 607.547.2678
Rose & Kettle, Cherry Valley, 607.264.3078
Spurbeck’s Grocery, Cooperstown, 607.547.8681
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