Fall 2009 - Critical Gender Studies

Quarterly List of Classes
CGS Courses Applicable to
CGS Majors and Minors:
Critical Gender Studies 192
Detecting the Invisible: Does the
Workplace Treat Women or Parents
(1-unit Senior Seminar)
Mary Blair-Loy, Department of Sociology
Section ID # 665988
Meeting Dates & Times:
Seminar will meet the first 4 Tuesdays of the
Quarter from 2:00-3:50 pm
Seminar will meet in SSB 414
What does social scientific research say about
how fairly women and men are treated in the
workplace today? Parents compared to nonparents of the same gender? This research
illuminates what is often invisible as we embark
on our own careers.
Critical Gender Studies 2A
Introduction to Critical Gender
Studies: Social Movements
Pamela Radcliff, Department of History
TuTh 11:00am - 12:20pm PETER 104
657447 W 2:00 – 2:50pm U413
657449 W 3:00 – 3:50pm U413
Fall 2009
different groups have mobilized around claims about
gender roles and identities. Case studies of
movements contesting rights and representation will
be drawn from comparative global contexts: possible
subjects are civil rights, men's movements, antiracist
feminism, non-feminist women's movements, AIDS
activism, transgenderism, immigrant rights, nonwestern feminism and the labor movement.
Critical Gender Studies 100
Theories and Methods
Sara Kaplan, CGS & Ethnic Studies
#657442 MWF 9:00-9:50am HSS 1305
If, as feminist scholars have argued for decades,
gender is not a ‘natural’ category, but a social
construct, then how, precisely, is it constructed? This
course offers a survey of how different scholars,
writers, artists, and activists have sought to answer
that question. Drawing upon historical and
contemporary readings, film, and new media
viewings, and current political and cultural events,
we will explore both the key theoretical frameworks
and various methodological approaches used in
critical gender studies. We will challenge ourselves
to complicate our understandings of seemingly
natural concepts such as ‘male/female,’
‘man/woman,’ and ‘homosexual/heterosexual’ as we
experience them in our own daily lives and perceive
them in the world around us. Our work will be
carried out with a primary goal in mind: developing
our own interdisciplinary critical apparatus through
which we can better understand not only the
conditions under which ‘gender’ is lived, but the
terms through which the very concepts of sex,
gender, and sexuality are produced, negotiated, and
Critical Gender Studies 107
Gender and Reproductive Rights
M.E. Stephens, Esq., Lecturer
657452 Tu 5:30-9:20 Peterson 104
The course will introduce the concept of gender as a
category of analysis for understanding relationships
of power. It will focus on how
Explores the legal treatment of gender, reproductive
rights, and the family, particularly in the context of
evolving laws that arguably have created conflicting 1
For additional information, please come to the Muir Interdisciplinary Studies Office located in HSS 2113; visit our
website at http://cgs.ucsd.edu/; or call 858-534-3589.
Quarterly List of Classes
rights, roles, and responsibilities. Topics will include
abortion, fetal rights, surrogacy, marriage, child
custody and other family issues.
Critial Gender Studies 109B
Gender and Information Technology
Kelly Gates, Department of Communication
657454 TuTh 3:30p - 4:50p WLH 2205
According the philosopher Langdon Winner, “to
invent a new technology requires that (in some way
or another) society also invents the kinds of people
who will use it.” This course explores the gendered
dimensions of this relationship between technological
invention and the reinvention of people, focusing on
information technologies. We will examine the roles
that men and women (from specific race, ethnic and
class backgrounds) have played in the development
of computers, as well as the role that computers and
other information technologies have played in
transforming the meaning and experience of gender
since the middle of the twentieth century. Students
will use their own skills and experiences as the basis
for projects that identify the ways that new
information technologies can variously support and
challenge ideas and expectations about the enduring
categories of masculine and feminine.
Critical Gender Studies 190
Honors Seminar
Lisa Yoneyama, CGS Director
#657443 M 11:00am – 1:50pm HSS 2025
Interdisciplinary readings in feminist theory and
research methodology to prepare students for writing
an honors thesis. Open to Critical Gender Studies
majors who have been admitted to Critical Gender
Studies Honors Program. Prerequisites: admission to
Critical Gender Studies Honors Program and
department approval required.
Critical Gender Studies 196A
Honors Research
Lisa Yoneyama, CGS Director
Fall 2009
#599435 TBA
A program of independent study providing
candidates for Critical Gender Studies Honors to
develop, in consultation with an adviser, a
preliminary proposal for the honors thesis. An “IP”
grade will be awarded at the end of Fall quarter.
Upon completion of Critical Gender Studies 196B in
Winter 2008, a final grade for both quarters will be
given. Prerequisites: consent of instructor and
department approval required.
Departmental Courses
Applicable/Petitionable to the
CGS Major and Minor:
# Course is eligible for major/minor credit but
must be petitioned by second week of the
quarter and approved by CGS faculty. Please
see the CGS advisor for assistance with
Arts & Humanities
HIUS 173: Topics/American Women’s History
(1, 4)
#LTEN 140: Early Nineteenth Century British
Novel: Jane Austen (1, 4)
#LTEN 155: Interactions Between American
Literature and the Visual Arts:
Visual Culture and (Post)Racial Discourse (1)
#LTEN 186: Literature of the Harlem
Renaissance (1, 4)
Social Sciences
ETHN 183: Gender, Race, Ethnicity, and Class
(1, 4)
SOCB 118: Sociology of Gender (1, 4)
For additional information, please come to the Muir Interdisciplinary Studies Office located in HSS 2113; visit our
website at http://cgs.ucsd.edu/; or call 858-534-3589.
Quarterly List of Classes
Fall 2009
For additional information, please come to the Muir Interdisciplinary Studies Office located in HSS 2113; visit our
website at http://cgs.ucsd.edu/; or call 858-534-3589.