2015 season opening letter - high winds youth rodeo club

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P.O. Box 203, Ennis, MT 59729
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Welcome back for the 2015 season of High Winds Youth Rodeo Club. Attached is your membership form that must be signed
and notarized. You must pay your fees before the start of the rodeo or you can’t compete.
Entries will be taken by Central Entry approximately 10 days prior to each rodeo at 406-752-1448 one day only from 10 am to
8:30 pm. Call backs will be 2 days following to make sure you are in the events or division you are suppose to be in. Stock is
very hard to get as it is and it is next to impossible to get extras for late entry contestants. For all the rodeos, stalling and
overnight camping fees will be charged by the arena. Pay these fees when you arrive.
Divisions are determined by the age of the child as of January 1st. There is ABSOLUTELY NO LEAD LINE. Pee-wee is up
to age 8 as of January 1st, Junior is 9 to 13 as of January 1st, Seniors 14 to 18 through the summer following their senior year.
We will again have trophy saddles for Peewee and Junior ALL AROUND (boys & girls combined). Senior rodeo’s will be
Jackpots at a percentage. There will be prizes to the top two and saddles to the all around girl and all around boy with buckles
awarded to high point winners in each event at our Annual Banquet. Entry fees will be $10.00 for each event per day with a
$2.00/DAY/entrant for Central Entry added. Memberships are $15 per child with only $30 per family.
The events for each division will be as follows:
Pee-Wees: Sheep Riding (Up to 60#’s for rider) (if 7 or more entries); (No re-rides in sheep riding,) OR Calf Riding (rider
must pick either Sheep or Calf riding for the season), Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tail Tying, and Dummy Roping.
(Little kids can be led around barrels by parents for fun while points are being tallied. NOT ONE AT A TIME) Lower age
brackets can move up but must declare at the first rodeo.
Juniors: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Girls Goat Tying, Boys Goat Tying, Breakaway Roping, Steer Riding and Team
Roping. If entering the team roping, you must enter with a junior division partner or a name will be drawn for you. Please
designate which end you are roping.
Seniors: Girls: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying, Breakaway Roping, Team Roping, and Ribbon Roping.
Boys: Calf Roping, Bull Riding, Team Roping, Chute Dogging, and Ribbon Roping. If entering the team roping,
you must enter with a senior division partner or a name will be drawn for you. Seniors will run as a jackpot at each rodeo
with event buckles awarded at the season end banquet. Jackpot money will be MAILED to each winner following the rodeo.
June 20th & 21th at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds
June 8th Central Entry Call in call back is 10th
July 11 & 12 at Ennis Rodeo Grounds
June 29th Central Entry Call in call back is July 1st
July 25th & 26th at Three Forks Rodeo Grounds
July 13th Central Entry Call backs July 15th
RODEOS. New members must turn in birth certificates before points will be recorded. You may bring membership forms to
your first rodeo, but you can’t compete without them. The first rodeo is usually very busy so it would help me a lot if you
could turn paperwork in before the 1st rodeo.
You must attend four out of the six rodeos to be eligible for year-end awards. Similarly, you must compete in four out of six
runs in any event to be eligible for that event.
The directors reserve the option of canceling any rough stock event if we cannot reasonably locate and haul stock. Anyone
wishing for their goat to be used can bring it to the rodeo; it may or may not be used depending on how many goats we have.
We hope to have concessions at all rodeos
We will have a meeting 30 minutes prior to the start of the first rodeo of the season. Each rodeo will begin at 10:00 a.m.
An event buckle is $150. The trophy saddles are a big step for the club and we need continued growth so please spread the
word to new member families for the continued growth of the club. Sponsors will be recognized during rodeo time. Let’s try
to get one sponsor per family and bring it to the first Rodeo!
Tiffany Boyko 406-599-4705
Nick Wagner 490-2818
Jamie Jenks 599-8791
Nate Carr 580-8504
Al Scafani 406-498-2916
Stacy Croy 406-570-6411