Sand Rock School – Supply List for 4th Grade


Sand Rock School – 2008/2009 - 4


Quantity Item

1 each Clear plastic or mesh backpack.

Grade Supply List

1 each 2 or 3 inch, 3 ring binder. Please do not send trapper keepers.

Please place 15 sheets of wide ruled paper behind each section and place all 25 clear plastic protective sheets in the back.

1 pkg Assorted index dividers, 8 dividers labeled: Math, Math

Vocabulary, Science, Alabama History, States and Capitals

Reading, Language, and Agenda.

2 each Medium point red pens (Used for editing and correcting).

2 pkgs Pre-sharpened Wooden Pencils or mechanical pencils. (No ink pens, no pencil grips or toppers on the pencils).

1 pkg Long colored pencils (sharpened).

25 each Clear plastic sheet protectors.

2 each Hand held pencil sharpeners with container for shavings (Need to have two due to fact that these pencil sharpeners break easily).

1 each Zippered pencil pouch.

1 box Kleenex tissues.

1 each Clipboard (please write name on clipboard)

1 box Ziplock Bags (Boys sandwich size) (Girls quart size)

3 pkgs Lined or un-lined index cards ( 3 inch x 5 inch) (Teacher will store)

1 each Paper Towel Roll (Used for wiping desk)

1 each Boys Clorox wipes (Used for sanitizing desk, head phones

Girls Spray Disinfectant and computer keyboards).

1 each Yellow/Green highlighter (Pen Size).

A $15.00 donation to your child’s 4 th grade class will be used to cover the expenses of using computer on-line tests and the purchase of items directly related to improving your child’s knowledge in every subject area.

We apologize for the specific nature of this list, but other supplies often present problems. Students cannot have trapper keepers because they will not fit in our lockers or desk at school. Please do not buy mirrors, posters, or locker magnet type items. These items have proven to be very distracting for 4 th

Graders. The only thing that 4 th Graders might need to buy for their locker is a shelf to store books on.

Please remember to check the quantity and serviceability of your child’s supplies throughout the year. Many items will not last more than a 9 week grading period, especially 3 ring binders.

Daily Pencil Pouch Inventory:

1 – Pencil Sharpener

1 – Highlighter

6 – Sharpened Pencils 2 – Red Pens

6 - 12 Sharpened Colored Pencils