preparation ahead of the fire - T-CEP

Do You Smell Smoke? We all need to be prepared ahead of the fire. The L.A. County
Fire Dept. offers the following guidelines:
 back your car in the garage heading out with windows closed and keys in the
 close the garage door, leave it unlocked, disconnect automatic door opener in case
of power failure.
 keep a flashlight and portable radio with you at all times and stay tuned to your
local news station.
 move any combustible items and yard furniture away from the house or store it in
the garage.
 cover the outside of windows, attic openings, eaves and vents with fire resistive
material such as 1/2 inch or thicker plywood. Close window shutters and blinds if
they are fire resistive. Remove all window curtains and coverings if they are
 attach garden hoses to spigots and place them so that they can reach all areas of
your house and outbuildings.
 fill all sinks, bath tubs, trash cans, buckets, etc. with water. Keep small rugs,
potato sacks, or large towels handy to dip into the water and extinguish spot fires
 place a ladder against the house on the opposite side of the approaching fire for
access to the roof.
 close all windows and doors around your home to prevent sparks from blowing
inside; close all doors within the house to slow fire spread inside.
 turn on lights in all rooms, on the porch and in the yard; your home will be more
visible through the smoke or darkness.
 shut off butane/propane or natural gas valves.
 move furniture away from windows and sliding glass doors to keep them from
igniting from radiant heat.
 if you have an emergency generator or portable gasoline powered pump that will
supply water from a water source, mark its location and be ready to use it.