Liaison to LNOCA for INFOhio Services (LLIS) Meeting Minutes

Liaison to LNOCA for INFOhio Services (LLIS)
Meeting Minutes – November 30, 2011
The meeting was called to order at 8:30 AM by Noreen Lehmann
The next LLIS meeting (a Digital Petting Zoo) will be held at CCPL on Feb 23, 2012.
Register at
Use the link at the bottom of the page that reads If you do not have an account click here
for the public registration page.
New look for the INFOhio website:
The “new” INFOhio homepage was rolled out on December 1, 2011.
New features include a streamlined look and a ‘News/Announcements’ section.
Further updates and enhancements will be forthcoming.
A link to the existing page will be available until the end of January 2012.
Join the INFOhio Facebook page!
Ohio Historical Society Electronic Textbook for 4th grade social studies
Review the completely on-line, electronic textbook for Ohio 4th grade social studies,
aligned with new and current Ohio Academic Content Standards.
The textbook was generously funded by Honda and Huntington and is **free** of charge
for the 2011-2012 school year. Sign up for a free subscription and/or preview the
textbook at:
For more information on the Ohio As America textbook, please contact Betsy Hedler at or telephone: 614-297-2538
Ohio As America, Teaching 4th Grade Ohio History Just Got Better! webinar was
conducted on December 1, the webinar was recorded and is available at:
OhioNET (
All K-12 libraries in the state of Ohio are members of OhioNet.
Benefits of membership include access to OhioNET products and services at member
User Council Update – Kathy Lawrence and Jane Spencer
 State Initiatives:
o Working Together to Support Ohio’s Libraries
The state library, along with other Ohio educational entities are working together
to focus on Ohio’s school libraries and the impact that the loss of certified
librarians is having on school, public, and academic libraries.
o OhioLINK Dual Enrollment task force
This task force, including K-12 librarians, is concerned with Post-Secondary
Option Students and who at the high school level is helping with technical issues
so PSS can use college level resources from outside the district; and access to
OhioLINK. Task force is coming up with recommendations.
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ODE Literacy State Advisory Council
Ohio’s Striving Readers is a comprehensive literacy initiative, Gayle Geitgey
serves as INFOhio’s representative. Work will take place this summer that will
link INFOhio resources to literacy goals.
 INFOhio Products, Tools and Services:
o Reminder: Learn With INFOhio Webinars are recorded and archived at:
o Learning Commons Module 4: Self-Assessment and Reflection is now complete.
It is a Marzano based strategy video, created with the Montgomery Co. ESC, and
is especially valuable to school improvements teams.
o Check out the 4th grade social studies textbook, entitled “Ohio As America”:
It is available for Mobile devices, including iPads! (no flash used).
Approximate cost for next year: $10/student.
o iCoach
Coaches are still fully staffed this year, please send training requests to: or Gayle Geitgey
DVC and the INFOhio eBook collection now incorporated into the catalog.
Have added support for new digital device material type (DIGITALDEV).
Improved call number and result message readability.
On-going improvements will occur during the course of the year.
o LSTA Grant DVC Closed Captioning
78 videos now captioned, browse feature now available for these items.
o Discovery Portal
Improved the search engine for indexed data.
Help button goes to INFOhio Discovery Portal webpage.
Updated display features.
Added INFOhio eBook Collection (search target in all subject areas, search limit
automatically applied in Elementary, Middle, and High Schools).
For Discover Portal Help:
o eBooks Collection
Includes 600 plus eBook titles.
The enhanced records include summaries, content, authorized subject headings,
and grade band.
eBook help is available from Section 2.8 of the SIRSI handbook:
 In Development
o IPowered Matrix (INFOhio-Inquiry-Instruction)
Demonstrates the intersection and alignment of new common core standards.
This new INFOhio project will provide standard statements, assessments, college
and career readiness, instruction strategies, resources, technology, and crosscurricular connections relying heavily on the INFOhio resources.
o Student Learning Commons  Go! (Go Ask, Go Act, Go Achieve), geared
toward kids struggling with Research Process.
o Web redesign for the INFOhio site – new home page and future enhancements.
 User Council PowerPoint:
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Affiliates and Guests
OELMA – Betsey Lee, OELMA East Representative
Fall Newsletter will be posted to the website in early December
Midwinter Conference is scheduled for Saturday, March 3, 2012 @ Upper
Arlington High School.
Join the OELMA Facebook page!
Contact U.S. Senators (202-224- 3121) regarding the Elementary and Secondary
Education Act (ESEA) as school libraries have not been included in the current
form of the bill.
CCPL – Celia Huffman and Julia Boxler
o Leslie Molnar retired at the end of last March.
o Updated LLIS on new construction, renovations, and enhancements being made
to numerous Cuyahoga County Library branches.
o Reviewed ‘Great Books for Kids 2011,’ a publication which is distributed to
families with the Cleveland Family Magazine.
o Reminder: The Toy Library is available to all patrons **free** of charge.
o Celia and Julia enthusiastically shared some of their favorite books from the
publication Great Books for Kids 2011.
o The Cleveland and Cuyahoga County libraries' are part of a $5 million grant
awarded to libraries across the country to provide children ages 3 to 5 a sound
financial education. Lessons are based on a multi-media bilingual kit developed
by Sesame Workshop. Highlights of the grant include Cuyahoga County Public
Library -- Exploration Stations: The library will create new stations based on
financial -education themes at its 28 branches. The library will also provide
parents handouts and will host several family nights at its branch locations. For
more information:
INFOhio Updates
WorldBook eBooks
World Book Advanced includes the E-book Center that includes over 40,000 titles. Some
titles are available for download, with the ability to browse by author, title, genre,
language, etc. or format downloadable to your particular device. Greg Perciak demo’d
downloading an e-book record to his Mobi Reader.
eBook Grade Band Filter – search results indicate the suggested grade band. Contact
NCC if you wish to filter by ES, MS, HS, Lower (ES and MS), or Upper (MS and HS).
This will not affect the Digital Video Collection, only Ebooks.
OPAC Statistics – We now have ability to generate OPAC statistics. The report
contains data for all schools automated with LNOCA. Only ITC personnel have access to
generate this report; LNOCA/NCC will generate the report for all districts and e-mail to
LLIS representatives. LNOCA/NCC will NOT generate Sirsi CIRC statistics; librarians
can generate this report on their own. Instructions on generating this report are available
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Library Systems Updates
 Snow Day Workaround – See Circulation 6.2T Checkout- Due Dates (Holidays –
Calamity Days)
 CAT: Reports for Consolidation – This group of useful reports may be generated to
assist those individuals considering consolidation of their libraries.
The report is available from The INFOhio tab  CAT: Reports for Consolidation.
Note: these reports process in the background, results will be e-mailed as an attachment
to the librarian.
 HelpDesk demo – Linda E. provided an overview of Help Desk. LNOCA/NCC East
users will soon be provided with a username for access. Instruction that is more detailed
will be forthcoming once LNOCA/NCC East switches from the current e-mail system to
the INFOhio Help Desk. Three LLIS members (Jane Spencer, WRA, Joanna McNally,
Orange City Schools, and Maryann Harris, East Cleveland) have generously volunteered
to pilot HelpDesk.
 Batch Cataloging of Magazines PowerPoint:
Report from John Mitchell, NCC Executive Director
John Mitchell –
o LNOCA/NCC has been working over the last several months, most specifically
on a fee schedule and a budget. For all member districts, INFOhio services will
be bundled into a total services fee. For non-members, the current fee ($3.25 per
student) will be maintained.
o Gale Resources: we want to provide Gale resources but as of this date, we have
not made a decision.
o The governor is putting together a revised budget for second half of biennium; we
have not heard anything more about the budget to date.
User Sharing
Gayle Schmuhl –Differentiated Instruction: Making the INFOhio Connection
(Different learning for special needs students)
Gayle’s presentation highlighted the INFOhio Electronic Resources (viewing or listening)
to assist with differentiated instruction.
‘Bad Boys/Girls of Librarianship’:
 Holly Bunt – Wikipedia
Why Not Wikipedia? By Don Boozer, KnowItNow24x7, presented by Holly Bunt.
This presentation advocates using Wikipedia as an additional tool for background
information, topics of popular culture, and foreign language study. Holly provided tools
for utilizing Wikipedia more effectively and responsibly.
Additional Worksheets:
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Betsey Lee, Jane Spencer – Google
Betsey and Jane provided information encouraging use of Google and its numerous
useful tools, as a source for research.
PowerPoint available at:
YouTube Video and more available at:
Following the user-sharing segment of the LLIS meeting, Joanna McNally suggested
reading: Web Literacy for Educators by Alan C. November.
ISBN-10: 1412958431
ISBN-13: 978-1412958431
Publication Date: April 22, 2008
The following is a summary of the book from the website November Learning:
Web Literacy for Educators was written to grab the “teachable moment” and help
teachers gain a clear understanding of the “grammar” of the Web. The book is filled with
practical strategies for teaching children careful search techniques. Stories from
thoughtful educators add depth and examples of application across the curriculum.
Google PowerPoint:
Google as a Research Tool:
INFOhio Users Council PowerPoint:
The next LLIS meeting will be held on February 23, 2012.
Reminder: Please share these minutes will all appropriate staff in your school building/district.
Respectfully submitted by NCC’s Library Systems Staff.
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