Early Man Notes / Stone Age

Early Man Notes / Stone Age
1. Tools – Made tools from stone
and bones of animals. Tools
included: hand ax, spears, and
digging tools.
2. Hunting – This was their #1
source of food. Hunted in groups
and used spears and knives made
from stone, bone or wood.
3. Gathering – To supplement the
meat, they also collected edible
plants, fruits and vegetables.
4. Nomads – People without
permanent homes who wander
from place to place in search of
5. Fire – Learning how to create and
contain fire allowed them to
protect themselves against
predators, hunt more successfully,
live in colder climates, and cook
their food.
6. Farming – This is the single-most
important development that
allowed civilization to occur. No
longer did they have to be
nomads, but they could stay in
one place and not have to depend
strictly on hunting and gathering.
They could grow their own food.
7. Settlements – Because they
didn’t have to move around in
small bands of people, larger
groups of people could live
together. There is safety in
8. Domestication – They picked the
biggest and best seeds to plant so
they could use the seeds of the
offspring for future harvests.
They also began to train animals
to help them do work and bred
animals to meet their needs.