Excursion to Mt. Athos

Mt. Athos is the only self-governing part of
the Greek state, administered by the Holy
Community, consisting of representatives
of the 20 monasteries and based in
Karyes. The peninsula, the easternmost
"leg" of the larger Chalkidiki peninsula,
protrudes 50 kilometres into the Aegean
Sea at a width of between 7 and 12
kilometres and covers an area of 335.6
square kilometres.
The monasteries themselves are true masterpieces of traditional Macedonian and
Byzantine architecture. Many of them boast superb frescoes, the work of famous
religious artists. Among the treasures of Mt. Athos there are numerous icons, many of
them believed to have miracle-working powers and not to be made by human hand.Bestknown among them are the Aksion Esti at the Protato, the Panayia Portaitissa at the
Iviron Monastery, the Panayia Odigitria at the Hiliandarioy and the Panayia
Koukouzelissa at the Megistis Lavras.
The monasteries are also home to a treasure trove of other artefacts, including
miniatures, books, codices, and manuscripts
in the monastery libraries.
The visit of the site from the land is
restricted and special entrance permit are
required moreover, only man are allowed on
the site. Therefore the whole Mount with its
amazing monasteries will be admired from
the sea during a 3 hours boat trip so no
restriction on gender can be applied.
It takes many visits fully to appreciate the
wonders of Mt. Athos: to roam its paths,
savouring the peace and beauty of the
landscape, visiting the many monasteries,
sketes and hermits’ retreats. To listen to the
sound of the simantra, the boards that are
struck to call the monks to prayer; to hear the
divine voices of the chanting monks, to attend
the services, to talk with the elders and the
younger monks, with their great store of
learning, to share in the feasts of the holy
calendar, to pay homage before the miracle-working icons… experience the miracle of
the Orthodox faith.
The excursion includes cruise around the peninsula
and lasts almost 3 hours.
XENIA OURANOUPOLIS HOTEL, is located just 2 minutes from the town of
OURANOUPOLIS, built on the most beautiful beach of the area, with an exceptional view
towards Mount Athos, the tower of OURANOUPOLIS and the Amoliani island.
Xenia OURANOUPOLIS, is one of the 10 Greek hotels characterized as “right on the
waterfront”. XENIA OURANOUPOLIS has got the GREEN KEY, European Eco Label
and is also awarded with the Blue Flag.
Stagira is the birthplace of philosopher Aristotle located 40km away from Ouranoupolis.
In this beautiful mountainous village, it is situated Aristotle’s Park with a view to Ierissos
bay. The park where lies Aristotle’s statue for years is equipped with interactive
instruments (solar clock, telescopes, parabolic reflectors, lens, compass,
pentaphone, optical disks, pendulum, water turbine). These instruments produce
natural phenomena which are mentioned in the work “Physics” of the great teacher. From
the inauguration’s park, four years ago, it constitutes the most popular destination for
individual tourists and school groups, because combines recreation and education.
Depending on the weather visitors can be prepared for sea swimming
Detailed program will be announced after the required (minimum) participations are