Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery
Diagnosis: Burns
Mastectomy, mamma pendulla, gigantomastia, micromastia
Cleft of the lips, palate, pharyng
Ears deformations
Congenital deformations - syndactilia, hypertelorism, Crouzon´s disease
Maxilofacial trauma
Amputation trauma of the limbs
Baggy eylids
Nevus excission
Scar revisions
Cosmetic problems - facelift - rhitidectomy
It helps come to the fully recovery of the the deseases,i.e. functional, esthetic and psychiological. The selfconfidence leeds to the psychical health.
Nursing diagnosis
1. Body image and disturbances
2. Anxiety related to surgical intervention and its outcome
3.Knowledge deficit related to perioperative events
4.High risk of injury related to positioning
5.High risk of altered tissue perfusion related to surgical intervention
Some of the procedures can be done in lokal anesthesia, some in regional techniques.
Big reconstruction procedures under general anesthesia.
Special devices
1. Knife dermatomes or motor driven dermatomes
2. Mesh dermatome
3. Saws, osteotomes
4. Microscope, loupes
5. Fiberoptic lamps
6. Fibroscopes
Perioperative care
Mostly, it does not have special consideration, except burned patients and children.
very often, the small procedures do not have big impact to the physical healthines of the patient, more to
his psyche.
The burned patient have higher chance to get infection and abnormalities in fluid and iont balance. Also
we must care about the pain.
Especialy the cosmetic surgery patients , but not just them, must be acknoledged about the possible risk
of the procedures, about possibility of visionable scars,inflamation of the wund or rthe complications
connected with anesthesia - thorthroat, pneumonia, headache.
Surgical procedures
1. Free skin draft - split thick or full-thick skin drafts
- special stiching techniques
2. Flaps - tissue, detached from the other area of the body and transfered to recipient area - with or
without cutaneous artery
3. Breast reconstructions - tissue expanders, abdominal fet tissue, reduction mammoplasty
4. Congenital deformities - cleft lip repair, pharyngeal flap, otoplasty, syndactyly
5. Craniofacial surgery
6. Acute burns
7. Cosmethic surgery - rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, face-lifting, dermabrasion,abdominoplasty,
liposuctionál lipectomy
8. hand surgery - replantation of the nerves, fingers,transplantation of the toes to hand