Unit 2 Lesson 5 & Lesson Review Answers they are all made up of

Unit 2 Lesson 5 & Lesson Review Answers
5. they are all made up of atoms
6. the ingredients used to make a cake taste different from a baked cake
because the ingredients undergo a physical AND chemical change
7. the spheres are different colors because they represent two different types of
atoms: nitrogen atoms and oxygen atoms
8. A: atoms, solid, pure substance and element B: molecules, pure substances,
9. The atoms that make up copper are all the same
10. Water molecules are made up of two different types of atoms that re joined
together. The molecules that make up water are all the same
11. The chemical bonds that hold the atoms together are broken. A new
substance is formed
12. Metals, non-metals…..
13. Base, organic, carbohydrates
14. A. The sand and salt are not chemically combined; B. the salt dissolves in
the water, C. The salt water passes through the filter but the sand is caught
D: the water is evaporated and leaves the salt behind
15. The rocks are bigger than the sand so they can be picked out
16. sugar water, snow globe alloys, air
17. skip
18. pure substances
19. compound
20. filter
21. homogeneous
22. the particles in a suspension are larger than the particles of a colloid
Review Lesson
pure substances
a solution is a homogeneous mixture. Suspension and colloids are
heterogeneous mixtures.
6. Bases
7. Similar: pure substances, classified by properties Different: elements = 1
atoms; compounds = more than 1 type of atom
8. Heterogeneous (or suspension)
9. Yes if the elements are not chemically combined. For example you could
have a mixture of oxygen gas and nitrogen gas
10. First filter out the pebbles with a sieve, then add water to the sugar-pepper
mixture to dissolve the sugar. Next filter the liquid to remove the pepper,
finally boil or evaporate the water from the sugar-water solution