Chapter 5 Patterns in American Domestic Affairs

Chapter 5
Patterns in American Domestic Affairs
OGT Benchmarks
History Benchmark F: Identify major historic patterns in the domestic affairs of the United
States during the 20th century and explain their significance
Ohio Grade-Level Indicators
The United States in the 20th Century
Analyze the major political, economic, and social developments
of the 1920s including
The Red Scare
The Rise of Nativism
The Roaring 20’s & Prosperity
Women’s right to vote: 19th Amendment
African American migration
Immigration restrictions
Roaring twenties
Harlem Renaissance
Stock Speculation
Analyze the causes and consequences of major political, economic, and social
developments of the 1930s with emphasis on:
The Great Depression
Dust Bowl
New Deal
Americca in WW II
The Home Front
Japanese Internment
Explain major domestic developments after 1945 with emphasis:
Postwar prosperity
Space Race
Immigration patterns
Civil Rights
Brown v. the Board of Ed
Changes in goals and tactics of leading Civil Rights and advocates and
The linkages between the civil rights movements to gain justice for other
minority groups
Trace social unrest, protest, and change in the United States including:
The Counter-culture movement
The women Lib Movement
Chapter Objectives
The students will learn:
1. About the prosperous times of the 1920s including- stock market,
Women’s rights, Red Scare, KKK, Immigration, Nativism
2. The terrible times of the Great Depression- Causes, Dust Bowl, New Deal
3. The prosperous times of the 1950s- McCarthyism, space race, pop culture,
4. The confusing times of the Civil Rights movement- Brown v. Board, Rosa Parks
MLK, Civil Rights Act of 1964, Little Rock,
5. about the social protest of the 60s- Women’s lib, Counter-culture,
Chapter Vocabulary begins on page 64: Red Scare / Ku Klux Klan / Immigration Acts of 1921,
1924, 1929 / Henry Ford / 19th Amendment / Harlem Renaissance / Great Migration / Great
Depression / Dust Bowl / New Deal / CCC / Joseph McCarthy / Sputnik / Martin Luther King
Jr. / Women’s Liberation Movement / Counter culture
Monday 12/10
The Roaring Twenties
1. Power point slides
2. Lecture on the Roaring 20s
3. Chapter project rubric
OGT pages 64-66
Tuesday 12/11
The Great Depression & The New Deal
1. Lecture
2. Lesson on The Great Depression
OGT pages 67-69
Wednesday 12/12
The Great Depression & The New Deal
1. Lesson on the Great Depression
Friday 12/14
America in WWII
1. Lecture
2. Snow Falling on Cedars
OGT pages 67-69
OGT pages 70-71
Monday 12/17
America in WWII & The Prosperous 50s OGT 71-72
1. Video on Japanese Internment
2. Lecture
Tuesday 12/18
1. Lecture
Civil Rights Movement & Social Unrest
Wednesday 12/19
1. Poster board presentations
2. Answer all review questions in OGT book on pages 75-78
Friday 12/21
1. Test on Chapter 5
OGT pages 72-74