La Vie En France

Name : Ling-Hui LU 呂玲慧
Major: Economics
Exchange Program: one year exchange student from NTHU to Lyon3
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------First of all, I would like to show my greatest appreciation to NTHU, Mr. 唐震宏 and
Miss 詹慧楨 for providing me such a fabulous opportunity and useful help to my
study in France. Without them, the complicated applying procedure might have scared
me off and I would probably, miss this wonderful experience.
The applying procedure
While most of the exchange students of NTHU chose to study in USA, I decided to go
to my dreamed land, France. As a sister school of NTHU, Lyon III exempted me from
paying the tuition and offered various English-lectured courses for international
students. Not to mention the fact that France is the representative of romance!
Yet the enthusiasm was only a passing fad. When it came to learning French and
dealing with the applying procedure, everything became so frustrating and tedious.
The enrollment process involves five steps.
Step 1: Select the program (DEUF or SELF) you intend to study in. DEUF
means the courses lectured in French and the classmates are local French
students of Lyon III. As for the SELF program, it is taught in English for the
exchange students around the world, whose French are not good enough yet.
Later, the online administrative and academic application forms need to be
Step 2: Lyon III provides service online to help students finding accommodation.
Step 3: Get prepared for all the documents that are required to apply for the
“Carte de Sejour”, the resident permit to stay in France.
Though Lyon III offers English program, it would be better to polish up your French.
After all, French people are notorious for their pride and poor English. Mastering in
French could also help you to integrate into France as well.
Days in Lyon III
During the first semester, I took four courses in business field and an obligatory
French class. It was so wonderful to learn with students around the world. Every time
when discussing or even arguing on a case, we could hear different points of view,
which helped me a lot to think more objectively and critically. In addition, observing
the classmates was also interesting. Asian students are always quiet, dare not to speak
up and express their opinion. The English of the Scandinavians are as good as their
mother tongue. In short, studying with the elites abroad was an unforgettable
Later in the second semester, I took a class of media in addition to the other business
related courses. The professors of the media class had been the correspondents of
BBC. Instead of the theories, practical journalism was the main point of this class. We
were asked not only to debate on the moral dilemma of journalism, but also to
brainstorm on headline and news-story writing. Since I am interested in marketing,
knowing how the mass media works might give me some help.
Besides, Lyon III is well-known for its Faculty of Law, which ranks top 5 in Europe.
It is strongly recommended to take some courses of law.
Life in Europe
Apart from my study, life in France was also fantastic. There were lots of vacations
for people to take their time off. Traveling was always the hottest topic among
exchange students. With a residence permit in hand, you can travel in EU like a
resident without worrying about the visa. Hence, the number of countries I have been
to has increased dramatically. After going to so many places, I have learned how to
plan a trip within limited budget and deal with various accidents during the journey
without getting panic.
Even in Lyon, you won’t get bored because of the countless parties, clubs and
historical places to visit. The advantage of living in France is that students can enjoy
the right to go to a concert, a movie, or a museum without fee.
In conclusion, ten months of life in Europe have broadened my horizon and made a
great impact on me. I become more independent and open-minded. Last but not least,
I would like to share a saying that encourages me to go for this scholarship:
“Take a chance, make a change!!!”
Bonne Chance!!
Lydia LU