Operate a hot mix asphalt paving machine
Unit Standard Number:
Physical Planning and Construction
Civil Engineering Construction
Issue Date:
Review Date:
Learning Assumptions: It is assumed that people starting to learn towards this
unit standard are already able to: Use and Maintain hand
tools, have a appropriate license to operate in the
This unit standard will be useful to people who contribute
to the blacktop aspects for the construction of roads.
People credited with this unit standard are able to:
Perform basic maintenance on a paver, prepare to
operate machine, operate the machine, control feed to
hopper during hot mix asphalt paving, clean, park and
shut down the machine
Specific Outcomes and Assessment Criteria:
Specific Outcomes 1:
Perform basic maintenance on a paver
Assessment criteria
1.1 Paving machine is checked for maintenance requirements and minor
adjustments are made in accordance to manufacturers instructions.
checks – fuel level, oil level and cleanness (engine and
screed plate heaters), lubricants, hydraulic fluid level and
cleanness, water levels, looses nuts and bolts, machine
controls and gauges.
1.2 Daily inspection is carried out and, where necessary, adjustments are made and
specialized maintenance requirements are reported to the supervisor for work to
be carried out in accordance to company policy.
includes but is not restricted to checking wear on the
screed plate, and on the tamping bar if fitted, knowledge
of when to call for specialised servicing
1.3 Paving machine is free of debri, and build up and operator area is free of rubbish
Specific outcome 2:
Prepare to operate machine
Assessment criteria:
2.1 Machine is mounted and dismounted in a safe manner
2.2 Pre-start checks are carried out in accordance with manufacturers instructions
includes but is not restricted to walk around, tyre
condition and air pressure or track tension and drive
sprockets, gauges and controls including governor on
engine, hopper, conveyors, flow gates and auger
2.3 Paver screed is set up in accordance with paver operating manual
screed attack angle, longitudinal grade, transverse grade,
crown, level, thickness
2.4 paver screed controls are set up accordance with paver operating manual
manual controls, automatic sensors and control systems
2.5 Tamper bar and/or vibrator controls are set in accordance with manufacturers
2.6 Standard start up procedures are carried out in accordance with manufacturers
Specific outcome 3:
includes but is not restricted to visibility, park brake,
throttle position, engine, hydraulic and electronic controls
are checked after starting and warming the engine,
screed is heated
Operate paving machine and control feed to hopper
during hot-mix asphalt paving
Assessment Criteria:
3.1 Feed trucks are discharged in accordance with paver operating manual.
3.2 Instructions are communicated to driver in accordance with company procedures
Hopper gate settings, hot mix asphalt feed, paver speed,
auger setting
3.3 Machine is operated without risk of damage or loss to machine, property or injury
to people
3.4 Machine performance is monitored and corrective action is taken when
necessary, in accordance to manufacturers specifications
3.5 Paver speed and hot mix asphalt feed are monitored and maintained to match
the delivery rate of the material in accordance to job requirements
Specific outcome 4:
Clean, park and shut down machine
Assessment Criteria:
4.1 Machine is cleaned down in accordance with company requirements
4.2 Machine parking and braking are carried out in accordance with manufacturers
Includes but is not restricted to parking on level ground
and securing the machine
4.3 Screed is lowered and parked as per manufacturers instructions
4.3 Standard shut down procedures are carried out in accordance with
manufacturers instructions
includes but is not restricted to setting control levers and
transmission controls, and to idling before stopping
Accreditation options:
1. Anyone assessing a learner against this unit standard must be registered as
an assessor with the construction ETQA
2. Any institution offering learning that will enable achievement of this unit
standard or will assess this unit standard must be accredited as a provider
with the construction ETQA
3. Moderation of assessment will be overseen by the construction ETQA
according to the moderation guidelines
Moderation options:
The moderation requirements of the construction ETQA must be met in order to
award credit to learners for this unit standard
1. Essential embedded knowledge is dealt with under the specific outcomes
where demonstrate knowledge and understanding is required
2. Range statements are included with specific outcomes as necessary
Critical Cross Field Outcomes:
This unit standard promotes, in particular, the following cross-field outcomes:
 Identify and solve problems
 Work effectively with others in team
 Organise and manage oneself and ones activities responsibly and effectively
 Communicate effectively using visual, mathematical and/or language skills
 Use science and technology effectively and critically
 Understand the world as a set of inter-related parts of a system
 Contribute to the full development of oneself