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Issue no. 9: March 2015
Welcome to the Spring issue of the Oxford Mental Health Forum
quarterly newsletter. This newsletter accompanies the Oxford
Mental Health Forum website (www.oxfordmhf.org.uk).
In this edition: an update from the Oxfordshire Crisis Bed Project;
an article from Age UK Oxfordshire, and a video discussion via
the blog from the Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities.
There is also the opportunity to share your views on the Oxford
Mental Health Forum website in the involvement section of this
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As always, please get in touch if you have any ideas, suggestions,
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 News: Oxfordshire Crisis Bed Project: Analysis of responses to the survey, ‘Need for a
Crisis House in Oxfordshire’ (See page 2)
 Articles: Age UK Oxfordshire (See page 3)
 Blog: Humanities and Science: Mental Health (See page 4)
 Involvement: Oxford Mental Health Forum seeks views on website (See page 5)
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Oxford Mental Health Forum Newsletter, Issue 9, March 2015
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Featured news
Oxfordshire Crisis Bed Project: Analysis of responses to the survey, ‘Need for a
Crisis House in Oxfordshire’
The Oxfordshire Crisis Bed Project recently carried out a survey on the need for a crisis
house in Oxfordshire. The survey was circulated between 18th December and 31st January.
The survey received 31 responses, which included service users, NHS professionals, carers,
and friends of those who have experienced mental health issues.
When asked about the support people in Oxfordshire receive when they feel mentally
unwell, the majority of respondents said that they felt that they had no choice in the care
they received. There were also a number of respondents who had mixed experiences with
some reporting the care was awful whilst others thought it excellent.
When feeling unwell, many people said that, what they found most helpful was peer
support and mindfulness practice. The majority said that if there was a choice the best place
to go to would be a Crisis House. One respondent said:
It would give a sense of belonging and feeling of not being alone, and without the stigma of
being in hospital.
Another respondent commented:
One would be able to weather a short crisis or get some respite from the stresses and strains
which are contributing to the mental health problem.
The majority of people who answered the survey said it was important to have staff at the
Crisis House 24hrs a day, trained to look after them, a clear definition of the client group,
and good security.
Committee members of the Oxfordshire Crisis Bed Project have also actively been visiting
different groups and meetings to capture further feedback. A significant number of people
have expressed a need for a drop-in place for people in a mental health crisis. When asked
what they would expect a crisis house to offer, some people said that they view it as 24/7
supported housing with links to other services.
Following on from the evidence gathered and similar evidence from surveys the Crisis Bed
Project has carried out in 2004 and 2010, the Crisis Bed Project have confirmed that they
will pursue the Need for a Crisis House with Commissioning Bodies.
If you would like to know more about how the Oxfordshire Crisis Bed Project will pursue the
matter they will be discussing this further at their AGM to take place at Restore, Manzil Way,
Cowely Rd, OX41YH. A date will be provided in due course, and published as soon as this is
available on the Oxford Mental Health Forum website.
Oxford Mental Health Forum Newsletter, Issue 9, March 2015
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Featured article
Oxfordshire Age UK
Age is different for everyone and the challenges and
the demands are different for everyone too. Age UK
Oxfordshire is an independent and local charity,
passionate to make Oxfordshire a great place to grow old in. We provide a wide range of
services, support, activities and opportunities for older people and carers in Oxfordshire,
designed to help people live the life they choose. Including:
Information and advice
Our Information and Advice telephone line is available for everyone over the age of 50,
family members, carers, friends and professionals. Advisors can help with a wide range of
subjects, from benefits advice and money matters, to health and well being, home and care
planning, work and training and leisure and lifestyle.
The helpline is also a referral route for Age UK Oxfordshire’s specialist advice services such
as Dementia specialist advice and other mental health services, Continuing Health Care
advice, end of life planning and carer support services.
Social activities, services and events:
- A wide variety of social activities, clubs and events available across the county all
year round.
- Computer classes and digital technology training.
- A range of exercise classes and physical activity opportunities, to enable people to
stay healthy and active at any age.
- A telephone befriending service for isolated older people, provided by trained and
supported volunteers.
- A network of local support groups for those aged 60 and over who have been
- Support and befriending for those living with an advanced life-limited illness and
their carers.
Independent living services:
- A simple footcare service to help you maintain your mobility and independence.
- Companionship and practical support for people who may require assistance at
home. We can also put you in touch with reliable traders in conjunction with Trading
- The Age UK Group offers a range of insurance products and services tailor-made for
the over 50s. Products include Funeral Plans, Stair lifts, Personal Alarms, Gas and
electricity, Wills, Riser Recliner Chairs and Hearing Aids.
Drop-in centres:
Pop by and see Age UK Oxfordshire at our two Resource Centres based in Abingdon and
Banbury. Both Centres host a range of activities and events and offer a wide range of
information on local services and support.
Oxford Mental Health Forum Newsletter, Issue 9, March 2015
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You can find us at:
Age UK Oxfordshire
39 West St Helen Street
OX14 5BT
Open Monday to Friday, 10.00am – 4.00pm
Age UK Oxfordshire
5 White Lion Walk
OX16 5UD
This centre also features a friendly cafe, serving hot and cold drinks and light bites.
Open Monday to Friday, 10.00am – 4.00pm
For further information about Age UK Oxfordshire and local support and services available
to you, please see our website: www.ageuk.org.uk/oxfordshire, call us on 0345 450 1276 or
pop into one of our Centres in Abingdon and Banbury.
The services offered by Age UK Oxfordshire are provided by many volunteers working
alongside staff. We could not exist without the help and support of our dedicated
volunteers and we are always looking for caring individuals to join our team. Whether you
have an hour or a day to spare each month, you can make a big difference. To find out more
call contact Age UK Oxfordshire on 0345 450 1276 or visit:
To view additional articles, visit: www.oxfordmhf.org.uk/articles.html
Featured blog
Humanities and Science: Mental Health
By The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities. Posted on 28th February 2015.
An interdisciplinary discussion exploring the role of the humanities in mental health.
To watch the video, visit: http://torch.ox.ac.uk/humanities-and-science-mental-health
Oxford Mental Health Forum Newsletter, Issue 9, March 2015
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The discussion begins with a 20 minute presentation by Professor John Geddes (Head of the
Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford), followed by three c. 8 minute responses from:
Dr Matthew Broome (Senior Clinical Research Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, University
of Oxford), who will discuss his public engagement work and teaching around literature and
theatre in neuroscience and psychiatry.
Dr Joshua Hordern (Knowledge Exchange Fellow and Associate Professor of Christian Ethics,
University of Oxford), who will explore compassion in healthcare and his Knowledge
Exchange project with the Royal Society of Medicine Open Section.
Dr Emily Troscianko (Knowledge Exchange Fellow, TORCH, and Modern Languages faculty
member, University of Oxford), who will talk about her work on the relationship between
reading and eating disorders with the charity Beat.
Chair: Dr Edward Harcourt (University Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Oxford).
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Please spare a few moments to complete the survey to tell us what you like/don’t like about
the website, and what you would like to see improved.
Click on this link to launch the survey!
In the news…
 Mental health services to get £1.25bn extra funding to treat 110,000 children
(The Independent)
 NHS Mental Health Apps Library to increase access to psychological therapies and
help to improve mental health outcomes
(NHS England)
 New mental health rights proposed by minister Norman Lamb
(BBC News)
Oxford Mental Health Forum Newsletter, Issue 9, March 2015
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Oxford Mental Health Forum Newsletter, Issue 9, March 2015
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