OCCG Weekly Bulletin

OCCG Weekly Bulletin
Wednesday 2 December 2015
Discussion Document on
Scoping Health Services in
South Oxfordshire
Digital Proactive Care Plan
(dPCP) Information
Stop Smoking Services –
Electronic Quit Forms are
Free Oxford Psychological
Medicine Educational Event
Community Integrated Locality
November Newsletter
Information for Practices
Discussion Document on Scoping Health Services in South Oxfordshire:
A discussion document on scoping health services for the population growth in South Oxfordshire
has been developed to engage stakeholders, stimulate thinking, offer some options, invite more
and explore how we should create an engaged approach and process. Please click here to view
the document.
I would be grateful if you could share both documents with your GPs, practice staff and if you
could circulate it to your virtual patient participation groups as well for their contribution.
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you –
Digital Proactive Care Plan (dPCP) information:
A document to answer 15 questions you always wanted to ask about the dPCP but were afraid to
have been released. This has been developed to help you with the most common questions raised
and to dispel any myths surrounding the dPCP and special patient notes. To view the document
please click here
OCCG hopes this document puts an end to any uncertainties you may have had about the dPCP,
and would welcome any feedback – Samuel.jeynes@oxfordshireccg.nhs.uk
Stop Smoking Services – Electronic Quit Forms are Coming:
The submission of quit forms for the LES for Stop Smoking Services will be computerised on EMIS
and VISION from 1 January 2016. This change will make it easier to submit quit activity, reduce
the loss or late return of forms and improve accuracy and timeliness of payments.
Oxfordshire County Council have been working on a project with the CSU to collect quit data via
EMIS/VISION, this means the data about quits will no longer be collected on paper forms. From
the 1st January 2016 (Quarter 4) any new quitter starting the service must be entered onto
EMIS/VISION, paper forms will no longer be accepted for quits provided after this date. Payment
will only be made for quits recorded online and paper forms will be returned for you to
upload. The CSU will be sending out the templates to practices in December, to be uploaded, if
there are any problems, please contact kate.eveleigh@oxfordshire.gov.uk.
Quits started in Q3 (up to 31st December 2015) will still be accepted on paper forms if posted to
Solutions4Health, Smoke free Life Oxfordshire, 7200 The Quorum, Oxford Business Park,
Garsington Road, Oxford, OX4 2JZ. Please note, if you have the Reading address, the forms will
still reach the right place.
Deadlines for returning the forms are as follows
Return deadline
2015-16 Q3
24 February 2016
2015-16 Q4
25 May 2016
The CSU will send further details about running the quarterly reports in order to capture this
Free Oxford Psychological Medicine Educational Event:
Oxford Psychological Medicine is delighted to host a Physical, psychological or what? event on 19
January 2016 from 2-6pm at Oxford Universities Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
This event will include talks from a number of experts, including Kurt Kroenke, Professor of
Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine and many more….. Please click here to view the
flyer and see more details.
To reserve a place, please contact ariane.petit@psych.ox.ac.uk Lunch will be served prior to the
event, so please let me know if you have any dietary requirements.
Community Integrated Locality November Newsletter:
Please click here to view the November newsletter.
To give us your feedback please email: OCCG.GPbulletin@nhs.net
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