Environment Action Group

Environment Action Group
Green Flash No 43 December 2013
Good News!
Christmas is a time for celebrating – so that’s what we are doing!
This year there is so much that’s positive – here is just a taster……
Did you know…….
This year, more bikes were sold in the UK than cars – for the first
time! http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/news/latest/541029/more-bicycles-than-cars-sold-in-britainand-most-of-europe-too.html
And closer to home…….
Oxfordshire is the best performing county for recycling at just over
Oxford City Council has increased the number of items that it
collects for recycling including batteries, aerosols, juice cartons
and bubble wrap. *
Oxford residents are getting it right! 90 – 95% of materials in
recycling collections are recycled! *
Oxford residents produce 400kg of waste per person per year. This
may sound a lot, but it is the best in the country!*
The number of Community Action Groups working on sustainability
issues has increased and now in Oxfordshire there are 57 groups
running 365 events a year which last year reached 60,000 people! *
*Becky Lake, Communications Officer at Oxfordshire Waste Partnership
The East Oxford Farmers’ Market has added about £200,000 to the
local economy in the last year as reported by Market Manager.
Clothing banks set up at student accommodation halls and across
Oxford collected over 5000 bags of donations and raised over
£40,000 for the British Heart Foundation, which will be/is being
used to train cardiologists!
Oxford has been named the Freegle Capital is it has more members
(40,000) then any other city in the UK. (Oxford Times)
And DRARA’s own Environmental Action Group has been going for
5 years, keeping environmental issues alive in the area and sending
out regular Green Flashes to over 300 people.
Have a great, environmentally friendly
Christmas – and a wonderful New Year!
The DRARA Environment Action Group aims to support practical ways of reducing
energy use and promote environmentally friendly lifestyles
For more information contact Anna Eden on 01865 249442