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Perspectivas culturales de España

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: IV. A cultural survey of Spanish history with emphasis on twentieth-century Spain. Classes are conducted in Spanish with use of visual aids. PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES: Students will acquire an overview of the historical, geographical, artistic and cultural characteristics which have helped shape Spain - a country of increasing significance in today’s European Union. Special emphasis will be placed upon the development of key political, social, artistic and intellectual institutions, as well as the major achievements of both ancient and modern Spain. This course is not a comprehensive nor an exhaustive history, but rather seeks to provide students with a deeper and more sensitive understanding of Spanish identity by focusing attention on its cultural diversity. There are not necessarily “right answers” nor is there a “correct” way of thinking in this course. However, you must make an effort to understand worldviews that may be alien to your own. Above all you must be an active participant in this class. V. CONTENT OUTLINE: We will be reading a series of short historical segments with descriptions of some of the most important events of the last twelve centuries. Attention will be given to the intellectual and artistic expressions emerging from each historical period. Important examples of Spanish cultural production will be examined, whenever possible, by presentation in a variety of media in the classroom. A chronological progression will emphasize historical changes in Spanish society. VI. INSTRUCTIONAL ACTIVITIES: Lecture presentations will provide students with a context for the historical significance of the texts. Class discussions will emphasize key themes of particular significance in the development of the modern Spanish identity. Students will participate in individual and group activities related to the texts and audiovisual VII. presentations. FIELD, CLINICAL AND/OR LABORATORY EXPERIENCES: Students will be expected to use Web Sites related to Spain in an effort to access current information and attend at least three cultural events on campus. VIII. RESOURCES: Students are encouraged to attend movies in the Cinema International program as well as activities planned by the Foreign Language Club and Alpha Mu Gamma (the Foreign Language Honor Society). Other resources include texts, videos and journals in the Waterfield library main stacks and Media Center. IX. GRADING PROCEDURES: In Spanish 323 the course grade will be comprised of: Oral Presentation 5% Term Paper Quizzes 10% 15%

Participation 10% Exam 1,2, 40% Final Exam 20% ______________ 100% Your final grade will be calculated as follows: 90% 80% = A = B 70% = C 60% = D 59% or Below = E Quizzes: There will be quizzes as well as a longer quiz every one or two chapters. The mid-term will be inclusive to that point, as will the final. Homework: Study questions for each chapter and video viewed in class will be discussed and collected. All work must be turned in on time! No homework out of sequence will be accepted in class. Short essays on a variety of topics will be assigned . Participation grade will be determined by the student’s groups, pairs and individual grades earned in activities performed in class Cultural Events: Attendance is required of at least three approved cultural language events during the semester. In order to receive the points for these events, a report must be submitted and should include a synopsis of the film, play, etc. or a description of the event (concert), your personal reaction and what, if anything was gleaned about Hispanic culture. Submission must be made within two weeks after the event. The report must be at least hundred and twenty five words, typed in New Roman # 12. Term Paper: Students are expected to submit a term paper by the last day of class. You should select your topic as soon as possible and then receive approval from Dr. Bodevin. A minimum of seven typed pages of text excluding bibliography or footnotes, etc. is expected. Suggestions for papers will be discussed in class. Oral Presentations: Students will be expected to read secondary sources. Each student will do a group presentation (2 people) to the class based on a 20 th /21 st century topic related to Spain. X. ATTENDANCE POLICY: Attendance in this class is mandatory! Unexcused absences and tardiness will affect your grade. If you miss one-fourth of the class meetings ( absences) for any reason (excused or unexcused) you will automatically receive a failing grade for this course. XI. PREREQUISITE: Spanish 202 or equivalent XII. 1. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY POLICY: It is the responsibility of every student to be informed about the collegiate Academic Integrity Policy. Cheating in whatever form constitutes academic dishonesty. 2. Copies of the policy are available in IDC workbooks, classroom bulletin boards, the Department of Foreign Languages office, and the Office of the Dean of Humanistic Studies. 3. Your signature on every assignment, quiz and exam represents your pledge to adhere policy. 4. I expect students to abide by the highest ethical standards. to this