Illustrations needed from SHEN

Illustrations needed from SHEN archives
The following illustrations for which better scans are needed from SHEN archives are
listed by chapter/sidebar.
Chapter: Cabins, Tramping Parties and Pow-Wows: Stony Man and Skyland
ran the dining room and directed the orchestra.
baroque rustic entranceway.
one of the largest ever built in the resort.
as far away as New York.
Chapter: Finding Refreshment of Mind: Rapidan
school building was completed in mid-February, 1930
arrived eagerly as soon as the doors opened.
Sidebar: You Sing America
spectacular fifty-one mile Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park
Chapter: Greatest Single Feature: Skyline Drive
elevations rise and fall gently; curves sweep manageably
boulders slide into the roadway
or an embankment collapses, then what
Jewell Hollow overlook lies to the south of the vista,
Chapter: Civilian Conservation Corps
had served in Shenandoah / Skyline Drive camps.
wooden barracks soon replaced the tents,
modular panels began to arrive in the spring of 1934
against those from local high schools or military bases.
as the crews moved forward
Chapter: A New Park on Old Land: Creating Shenandoah
May 1925 meeting of the National Conference of State Parks at Skyland
partly by asking the public to “Buy an Acre” for $6.00.
Chairman William E. Carson. Skyland
provide vast numbers of needed plants, and controlling erosion
the flat-roofed, glass-walled dining hall at Skyland
Sidebar: Three Appalachias
virtually every other form imaginable, including toothpaste.
so heavily used by 1786 that it had to be improved
Chapter: Tough Luck for the Winter: Removals
jewelry for their wives, ceramic dinnerware,
a 33 repeater pop ray gun made in Wyandotte, Michigan.
Chapter: Laws and Generally Accepted Customs: Removals
Luray native Beulah Billings knew that story
and Lassiter himself called for “more and bigger ‘For White Only’ signs.