Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет

St. Petersburg State University
Economic Faculty
Field of training: 080300 Finance and Credit
Master Program: Financial Markets and Banks
Degree: Master
Working language: Russian (a few disciplines
delivered in English)
Study: Full-time
Duration: 2 years
Main objective of the program: training of high-qualified specialists in financial and credit relations
with modern scientific knowledge and best practice solutions in the field of professional challenges of
dynamic financial and credit business, prepared for independent research, teaching and practice, capable of
working with Russian and foreign companies.
Tracks to be selected
Bank Management and Marketing
Viktor V. Ivanov – Head of Master Program, Dr., Professor,
leading scientist in the areas of public finance, development of
financial institutions in Russia, in corporate financial planning;
author of monographs, textbooks and manuals published in the
main publishing houses of the country
Financial Markets: Instruments and
Financial Markets and Financial and Credit
Vladimir A. Lyalin, Dr., Professor, Honorary Worker of
Higher School of the Russian Federation, author and editor of
several textbooks in financial management, securities and
investments, including the textbook "Stock Market", which went
through several editions
Financial and Monetary Methods of Economic
Boris I. Sokolov, Dr., Professor, specialist in the areas of the
methodology of economics, history and theory of credit
Main Disciplines:
Mathematical Providing of Financial Solutions
Financial and Investment Analysis of Markets and
Current Issues of Finance
Corporate Finance
Bank Management and Marketing (Advanced
Credit Products and Banking Technologies
Bank Risks Management
International Capital Markets
Strategically Bank Management
Monetary and Credit Theories
Derivative Strategies of Hedging
Securitization of Financial Assets
Natalia S. Voronova, Dr., Professor, areas of research interests:
current issues of the Russian securities market, derivatives and
structural financial instruments, financial innovations
Мiliausha H. Khalilova, Dr., Professor, specialist in spheres of
banking and bank management, has a significant practical
experience in the management of commercial banks and finance
Igor K. Kliuchnikov, Dr., Professor,leading researcher in areas
of Russian securities market infrastructure, the national financial
system development; active participant in the process of
recovery of exchange business in Russia
Alexandr V. Kanaev, Dr., Professor, specializes in the area of
monetary policy and banking system, banking in Russia and
outside; had an internship in banks in Hungary, Britain and
Oleg Y. Korshunov, PhD, Associate Professor, area of
professional and research interests: securities market, stock
market activity, the derivatives market; has extensive experience
on the Russian stock market
Ivan А. Darushin, PhD, Associate Professor, specializes in
areas of investment risk management, financial innovation,
securities and derivatives markets development
Learning outcomes
Track “Bank Management and Marketing”
 thorough theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of monetary policy, banking
system functioning, banking business in Russia and outside, strategic and operational
management of commercial banks.
Track “Financial Markets: Instruments and Technologies”
 deep theoretical knowledge in the field of securities intermediation, risk management in the
capital markets, financial innovation construction; skills required for professional activity in
securities market, for consulting activities in the financial markets, for the securities
management in the financial and nonfinancial corporations
Where graduates work:
commercial and investment banks; investment, brokerage and dealer companies; stock, currency and
derivatives exchanges; analytical and rating agencies; financial and investment committees, the City of St.
Petersburg; financial and investment departments in companies; investment and finance departments in
banks and other financial institutions.
investment, brokerage and dealer companies; stock, currency and derivatives exchanges; analytical and
rating agencies; financial and investment committees in the City of St. Petersburg and other regions of
Russia; investment departments in banks and large corporations; the departments of investment and
financial risks management in companies: the analytical, financial and investment services
Applicants from foreign countries submit:
 the TORFL-2 certificate (Testing in Russian as a Foreign Language);
 the portfolio of documents including the motivation letter, an essay written at home on one of pre-given
topics, and optional documents approving foreign language abilities, research and publication experience
which are to be considered at the examination committee to select the most qualified and motivated
 a Bachelor diploma, a passport, and migration documents.
The admission rules, the criteria for the portfolio assessment, and a comprehensive list of documents to be
submitted are downloadable from the Admissions Office web page: http://abiturient.spbu.ru
Key aspects:
Master’s students are given a possibility to make an individual learning plan by choosing from a
wide range of special courses offered by each of the profiles. Lecturers will help a student to
choose a field of study based on his/her professional and career interests.
Training process includes active training methods (role plays, work in small groups, case studies,
video-conferences) that form the modern professional skills in the areas of financial markets, bank
management and marketing.
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