A Study Guide for A Land Remembered

A Study Guide for A Land Remembered
by Patrick Smith
Chapter 1:
1. What year, city and state does this chapter begin?
 Miami, Florida 1968
2. Who is Julia Tuttle and why is there a causeway named after her?
 A woman at Fort Dallas that sent Flager oranges that lived through the freeze
3. What do you learn about Toby and Sol’s relationship? What does this foreshadow?
 They are half brothers (same father) , this foreshadows their father Zech
committing adultry
4. Who is Arthur? What does Sol give him?
 Sol’s driver; He gave him the Rolls Royce and a trust fund to take care of him
for the rest of his life.
5. How old is Sol MacIvey in this chapter?
 85
Chapters 2-5
6. What is the date and state this chapter takes place in?
 1863 La Florida
7. What was different about the two men that came to Tobias? What were their names?
 They were Seminole Indians – Keith Tiger and Bird Jumper
8. What were these men running from? Where were they from and where were they
 Dogs and men were chasing them – Walking from Oklahoma to Pay-Hay-Okee
9. What did Tobias do for them?
 Stood up to the men, killed one of their dogs, and protected the indians
10. What important news did Silas give Tobias?
 How badly the war was going, the South was losing
11. What did Tobias ask for before he left?
 For gun powder and lead shot
Chapters 6-11
12. Who was Henry Adler and what gave him power over Tobias MacIvey?
 A state marshal commissioned by the governor
13. What were the two greatest dangers to the men on the cattle drive?
 Wolves and Reb deserters
14. While Tobias was away what attacked his homestead?
 Bears
15. Describe how Zech ended the danger.
 Zech go the shotgun but could not lift it. He picked up a piece of firewood, sat
on the ground, propped the long barrel on top of the wood and pulled the trigger
16. What was the name of the place Tobias was to help fortify?
 Olustee, 3 miles south of Lake city
17. What did Tobias practice branding when he did not have cows to brand?
 On every log on the side of the house
18. What did the Indians give Tobias and Zech? What did Zech name them?
 A marschtackie horse named and two dogs named Nip and Tuck
19. Who do Zech and Tobias find hiding in the bushes? Describe him and his background.
 A black slave who after the war had claimed a piece of land and built a cabin and
the KKK whipped him, trampled is garden and burned his cabin. He has been
adrift ever since
Chapters 12-17
20. Why did they let the 148 cows with MCI branded on them out of the pen?
 To let them graze to fatten up for the cattle drive
21. Why did they travel south instead of north with the wagon?
 To follow the herd while they ate
22. How does Tobias feel about the land and who owns it?
 No one owns the land and no one will fence it. “The Lord put it here for
everyone to use.”
23. Where is the best place to trade cows? How much does one cow approximately sell
 Punta Rassa, $4.00 a head
24. What are the names of the men he hired? What did he buy for them before they
left? What does he agree to pay them?
 Frog and Bonzo – a package of cheese – 50 cents a day plus keep
25. Who did the drovers refuse to sleep with and why?
 Skillet because he was black
26. Who did Tobias meet in the swamp and what were his instructions?
 An old, old Indian name Timucan who said to not bring the cows in the swamp
there was only death in the swamp – Turn BACK
27. Describe what happened at the restaurant in Punta Rassa.
 Restaurant does not serve blacks so Tobias went and got a pistol and demanded
that they serve Skillit and they got their way
28. Explain how the horse race came about. Why does Tobias insist that the race be three
miles long? What was the prize?
 Race horsed do not run fast for very long unlike Isamael so Tobias won the race
and land in Punta Rassa
Chapters 18-24
29. In what way did the money the MacIvey’s made on the cattle drive change their
 They ate better but nothing else changed
30. What was Skillit’s chore?
 To find a wife
31. Describe in detail the mosquito incident.
 Pg 184-186
32. Describe happened to the Indian boys and why.
 The cows were stolen from them and they were hung because they were Indians
and the men assumed that they had stolen the cows
33. Describe the forest that Tobias and Zech go through.
 Pg 201-202
34. Who is the special person that Zech meets? Describe her and her background.
 Twanda pg 210
35. What special place do Twanda and Zech visit? Describe it.
 Pay-Hay-Okee (river of grass) pg 212
36. What does Tobias warn Zech about Twanda?
 Not to leave and leave a seed in her belly
37. What was Zech’s dilemma? Who does he discuss it with? And what advice did he
 He is in love with 2 women – Glenda and Twanda – He discusses it with Emma.
The advice: He must love who he chooses and to choose wisely but do not hurt
one for the other
38. What did Zech find in Kissimmee that had previously belonged to his father? What
does he do about it?
 His shotgun with MCI on it. He took it back and found out who stole it pg 236237
39. Where did Glenda’s father send them for their honeymoon?
 Ft. Pierce to Jacksonville on a schooner
Chapters 25-29
40. What secret does Glenda share with Emma?
 She is pregnant
41. What does Glenda want to do very badly and why?
 Go on the cattle drive with everyone to prove to Zech that she can do it.
42. What three things happened to Glenda on this trip, things that did not bother anyone
 Sun burn / stepped on a covey of quail when she was trying to potty / a rattle
snake in her bedroll
43. What happened at the salt marsh?
 4 armed riders turned the herd away / said they could not come in and were
willing to fight about it / Emma said no fighting
44. Why does Tobias decide not to fight?
 Emma warned him not to unless he could pick which one of their group could be
45. What is Zech going to build in Punta Rassa and why?
 A cabin to stay in when they come to Punta Rassa
46. What happened to Glenda as a result of the incident near Kissimmee?
 She had a miscarriage
47. Who did Zech blame for what happened to Glenda and what did he do about it?
 The bushwhackers / he rode one of them around dragging him by a rope and
then hung him
48. Who found Zech and went with him into the forest?
 Twanda
49. How did Zech justify what he had done?
 He was even with Glenda for not telling him of the baby
50. Why did they name him Soloman?
 Biblical meaning is wisdom and he would be first son educated MacIvey
51. Why did Emma and Pearlie Mae refuse to go to move the herd for grazing?
 They wanted to stay with Glenda and Sol
52. What does Zech decide he must do with the gold doubloons?
 Buys more land
53. Why did Zech feel he was in two different worlds?
 A cattleman’s world (old way of life) vs. a landlord (civilization)
54. Why did Skillit have to choose a last name? What did he choose?
 To purchase land. He choose MacIvey because he loves them and is proud to
have their name
55. Did Frog change his feelings about Skillit from their first meeting until now?
 Yes, he loved and respected him
Chapters 30-39
56. What did Zech think would be the cause of many explosions?
 Wilderness shrinking and pushing more and more men together
57. What peaceful ritual did Zech see many years ago?
 Ritual of animals peacefully sharing the life-giving water
58. How many acres of land did Zech buy and in whose names did he put the deed?
 60,000 acres in his name, Glenda’s and Sol’s
59. What did Zech discover when he went to the Indian village?
 That he had a son with Tawanda
60. What two gifts did Zech give Toby?
 A Winchester rifle and a hunting knife
61. What did Toby teach Zech to do?
 To fish with a spear
62. What is the first thing Zech said to Glenda as they met?
 That he loved her
63. Why did Emma go into the woods?
 To pick huckleberries for pies
64. What happened to Emma? What were her last words?
 She died of a heart attack / “Tobias . . .I’m sorry”
65. How did Tawanda die? Describe how Zech felt about her death and what did he vow to
She died giving birth to another of Zech’s babies . He vowed he would see Toby
66. What did the Indians leave at Tobias’ grave?
 A pouch of deer hide; a carved wooden spear; alligator hide piece ; and an egret
67. Describe what Sol did in Palm Beach to raise money.
 Sold baby buzzards and made $600.00 pg 343-344
68. What did Sol do with his money?
 Bought land 1,200 acres
69. Describe what happened with the Brahma bull.
 Killed Glenda pg 374
Chapters 40-45
70. What kind of company did Sol form? What did he name it?
 A produce company / MacIvey Produce Company
71. Who did Sol meet on his way to see Toby?
 Toby’s wife – Minnie Cypress
72. How did Sol meet Bonnie?
 She was a waitress at a diner
73. Describe what kind of deal Bonnie and Sol make.
 $100.00 a month to cook, clean (housekeeper) pg 400-401
74. What did Sol find in Kissimmee that made him so angry?
 Donovan cleared the houses in the hammock and put in orange trees
75. Why does he not go through with it what he wants to do to Donovan and why does he
go to Kissimmee?
 Killing him would not bring back what he had done / to get someone to help do
the books and help him run the place
76. What did Sol and Bonnie do with all of their money?
 Put it in their Miami vault
77. What is the name of the railroad that ran from Miami to Key West?
 Flagler’s railroad
78. Why was there a sudden boom in real estate and construction?
 After war, Florida was advertised as a tropical paradise in the north
79. Where did Bonnie and Sol go when their home flooded? What happened to Bonnie by
the end of the hurricane?
 Through and on the roof. Bonnie died along with 2,000 others pg 422
80. Who was the true MacIvey that ‘conquered the wilderness’?
 Tobias MacIvey/ Emma / Skillit / Zech and Glenda/ Frog and Bonzo
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