Using fifteen of the captured specimens, write a report on the

Evolution of Candy
Using fifteen captured specimens, determine the
evolutionary history of the kingdom Mellitus. Your
report should include the following information:
 A phylogenetic tree showing the speciation of candy over time. The rest
of your report will depend on the classifications you create in this tree, so
make sure you have good reasons for your placements. You may make
your classifications based on morphology, development,
DNA/carbohydrate sequencing, or any other basis, as long as you can
justify it scientifically.
 Linnean classification for your candies
 A written explanation of your tree, containing the following parts:
-example of one type of selection in one of the species
-the particular environments that five of the species are
adapted to, and the adaptations that enable the species to thrive.
-four reproductive isolating mechanisms, and how they
contributed to speciation
-homologous structures (two examples)
-convergent evolution (two examples)
-DNA sequences of gene of your choice in a taxon/clade of four
species supporting your choice of phylogeny
 A dichotomous key based on the characteristics of your candies.