Example Assessment Questions

Example Formative Assessment Questions – OA.2 5th Grade
This is not meant to be printed off and given as a test…this document is to give you ideas of how
this standard might be assessed. Please use these as an example when you are developing your
own formative assessments. Remember formative assessment is to be given throughout the
teaching of a standard to help you guide your instruction based on students needs. A good
formative assessment should have a mix of multiple choice as well as open ended.
(questions came from “Performance Coach”, Harcourt GO Math, OAS, and various websites)
Marty picked 3 times as many quarts of strawberries as Dora. Dora picked 2 quarts.
Which expression could be used to find the number of quarts Marty picked?
a. 3 + 2
Which represents the expression below?
2 x (465 + 371)
a. 2 more than 465 + 371
b. 2 times 465 + 371
c. 2 less than 465 + 371
d. 2 fewer than 465 + 371
A group of 4 friends was at a restaurant. They each ordered an $8 meal. Then the group
ordered a $6 dessert to share. Which expression represents the situation?
a. (4 x 6) + 1
b. (4 x 6) + 8
c. (4 x 8) + 6
d. (4 x 8) + 1
This is a generic rubric that can be used for all the following
open ended problems.
Mara bought 6 bags of Skittles at $0.85 each and 9 packs of gum at $1.20 each for
a sleepover. Express what she purchased mathematically.
Answer: (6 x 0.85) + (9 x 1.20)
Mara bought 6 bags of Skittles at $0.85 each and 9 packs of gum at $1.20 each for
a sleepover. She still didn’t think she would have enough snacks. She went to the
store the next day and bought the same number of items again. Express what she
purchased mathematically.
Answer: 2 x [(6 x 0.85) + (9 x 1.20)]
or 2 [(6 x 0.85) + (9 x 1.20)]
Alex and Chet both collect cards. Write an algebraic equation to show that Alex
has twice as many cards as Chet. Let c represent the number of cards Chet has.
Robin can bike 4 miles in one hour. Write an algebraic expression to show how
many miles she can bike in h hours?
Lia works 7 hours a day for n days.
Write an expression that tells how many hours Lia works?
Gil has 7 baseballs in n bags. The same expression can be used for the number of
baseballs Gil has. Use what you know about expressions to tell why this is true.
 Miles has n number of baseball cards. He keeps the same number of cards in each
of three boxes.
What expression represents the number of baseball cards Miles can put in each
Use what you know about expressions to explain why your answer is correct.
Circle on operation symbol from each box to translate the phrase into a
numerical expression.
9 more than 18 divided by 3
Angie writes a numerical expression for the following phrase.
10 times the product of 5 and 4
What expression did Angie write?
Mr. Perez writes the phrase below on the board.
2 more than 15 divided by 3
Determine if the phrase can be translated into each of the numerical
expressions. Write yes or no.
a. 15 ÷ 3 + 2
b. (2 + 15) ÷ 3
c. 15 ÷ (3 + 2)
d. 2 + (15 ÷ 3)
Write the numerical expression from each phrase. Use the numerical
expressions from the box.
20 minus 2 times 8
Subtract 2 from 20, the multiply by 8
28 divided by the sum of 4 and 3
3 more than 28 divided by 4
Numerical Expression
Ramon translated a phrase into the numerical expression shown below.
4 x (30 + 60)
Which phrase could he have translated? Circle all that apply.
a. 4 times 30 plus 60
b. 4 times the sum of 30 and 60
c. Add 30 and 60, then multiply by 4
d. 60 more than the product of 4 and 30
e. The sum of 30 and 60 times 4
f. Add 30 and 60 to 4
Translate the numerical expression into words.
3 + (45 – 12)
Draw a line from each phrase to its numerical expression.
Translate the numerical expression below into words in three different
24 ÷ 6 – 3
Mrs. Kim asked her students to interpret the numerical expression below.
15 – (7 + 5)
Select true or false for each statement.
Add 7 and 5, and then subtract 15
Subtract the sum of 7 and 5 from 15
Subtract 7 from 15, and then add 5
Add 7 and 5, and then subtract the sum from 15
Eva wrote the words below as a numerical expression in two different
Multiply the quotient of 16 and 2 by 2
Use the tiles to write two different expressions that Eva could have written.
Numbers or symbols may be used more than once or not at all.
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