The Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale

Elang 273
L2 acquisition Survey
For the following statements write the following on the left of each question:
1 = Never or almost never true of me
2 = Usually not true of me
3 = Somewhat true of me
4 = Usually true of me
5 = Always or almost always true of me
1. I don't worry about making mistakes in my L2 class.
2. It frightens me when I don't understand what the teacher is saying in my L2 class.
3. I feel at ease in a crowd
4. I rapidly get involved in social life at a new workplace
5. I spend my leisure time actively socializing with a group of people, attending parties, etc.
6. Everyone can learn to speak a foreign language.
7. Learning an L2 is basically learning a lot of new vocabulary.
8. I would like to learn my L2 because I really like the culture.
9. I would like to learn my L2 because I like to get good grades in all my classes.
10. I like to take risks
11. I make a list of the things I’m going to do everyday and then follow it as much as I can.
12. When learning my L2, I connect the sound of a new L2 word and an image or picture
of the word to help me remember the word.
13. When learning my L2, I start conversations in L2.
14. I make note cards with new L2 vocabulary on it to help me remember the words.